Hello world!

Welcome to sewmuchchoice! This is my new blog and is being set up alongside an etsy shop. Essentially this has been created because I have been enjoying making various different items for friends and family members for a number of years and many of them have commented that I could sell the things I make, so I thought why not?

Although the main focus of my crafting is sewing (hand and machine) I am also open to trying out a variety of different crafts. I am a massive fan of Amy Butler, loving her fabrics and her patterns which I have always found very easy to follow.

This blog has been developed as part of my new years resolution, which is essentially to start selling some of my craft items. I aim to use this blog for the following:

1)      To document how well the development of the esty shop and selling of craft item is coming along

2)      For tutorials of some of the items that I make

3)      To document how the various items I make for family, friends and myself are coming along.

Some craft history:

1) I have been making and upcycling my clothes for so many years I can’t really say how long for, however I do remember making a rather fetching pair of sequined flares when I was in year nine (age 13).

2) Last year’s new year resolution was to not buy any clothes but to instead make any clothes that I wanted, this was not entirely successful (I decided I could not make some jeans). During 2011 I made several skirts, a dress for a friends’ wedding (for me to wear, not her), a knitted jumper, some socks, a general everyday wear dress, a top (from Amy Butler patterns) and attempted a hat (however it was far too small for me that it now belongs to a person with a much smaller head).

3) For Christmas I usually make the gifts that I give, previous gifts that I have made include, placemats and napkins, a handbag, make-up brush role, various pictures, cushions, a matching collar, lead and harness, scarves, gloves, jams, a pin board and pet gifts.

Throughout this year I will report how the development of the etsy shop goes and also feature some of the crafts that I do at home, some things that will definitely feature are:

1)      A dress and fascinator – my sister “C” is getting married in August and I will want to make myself a new outfit.

2)      A changing bag – my friend is having a baby in March and has asked me to design and make a changing bag.

3)      Knitted jumper – I am joining a local craft group this month, where you take along a craft and complete it alongside other people, I thought I would take this opportunity to finish a jumper for myself that I have been working on for a while.

4)      A decopatch jewellery box – sister “C” gave me a plain wooden box for Christmas and I will be decorating this up to use as a jewellery box.

5)      A bathmat – we have struggled to find one that we both like so I will make one.



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well done it looks like you have been busy & will continue to be for the rest of the year. Maybe I could use some of your ideas to repair my ripped dog bed.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I love how positive this all sounds and I can see from your subsequent posts that you are well on the way to achieving the goals set out here – well done you! Good luck for your new projects 🙂

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