Dress Alteration/Upcycling

I brought this dress a number of months ago, it was an ebay purchase and although it is beautiful, I was never happy with how the dress sat on my chest as the buttons tended to gape. It has since sat in my wardrobe waiting for me to alter it.

I decided that I would alter the dress into a high waisted skirt. Firstly I measured and marked 6 inches from the waist line

I then cut along this mark, note that I cut the front and back sections separately as opposed to together and I also ensured that the zip on the back was in a down position so that I could use this in the skirt without having to take it out and replace it

My dress has a lining so I was quite lucky that it was not finished off at the bottom, this meant that I could turn the dress inside out to make a seam. So I turned the dress inside out and pinned the seam together on one side.

I then noticed that my tailors chalk did not work on the lining so I flipped the dress over and drew on the other side.

I then did a straight stitch along the marked line (ensuring that the seams to the shaping of the dress remained flat), when the sewing was done, I clipped the edges to a couple of millimeters from the stitching and turned it back around the right way.

I then pressed the seam to ensure that it laid flat and to also tuck in the bit above the button hole. I then top stitched the edges of the panel to give it a finished look

I then repeated these steps with the other side.

The last things that I wanted to do was insert another button hole, I used the automatic button hole stitch on my machine and used the seam ripper to make the hole between the stitches.

Finally I sewn on the button

Then all that was left was to try it on

The skirt has worked over all and I think it will make for a cute outfit for a friends birthday party that I am going to in a few weeks. The only thing that I may do extra is make some belt loops out of the left over material from the top I think this will add a more professional finish and also allow the belt to sit between the buttons as opposed to over the bottom one.

3 thoughts on “Dress Alteration/Upcycling

  1. Gosh! You are so talented!!! I would never have thought of doing that. You are inspirational. I really don’t enjoy doing alterations but you have put a completely different slant on it for me. Thank you for sharing your ideas and reading my blog 🙂 I’ve only just started blogging a couple of weeks ago. What are you studying?

    • Thank you so much, I am pleased you like the post. I too have only just started blogging but it is good to see so many sewing and craft blogs out there. I am studying something completely unrelated (so craft is my relaxation) and am training to be a behaviour analyst.

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