Dress Alteration Two

Following on from the dress alteration that I did yesterday, I thought that I would do a second today. This dress has also been waiting around for quite a while, I am happy with the top of the dress but not so keen on the bottom, it is a bit on the tight side and also a sort of inbetween length being neither short or knee length. (Apologies for the quality of the photos, the dress is a kind of black silky material which just isn’t up to being photographed well)

The dress is on a tailor’s dummy that is already the same size as me so I firstly put a pin into a straight seam to mark where I wanted the top to finish. I have decided to finish the edge with bias binding, this means that there is no seam allowance needed so the pin is put in at the exact length that I want the top to be.

I then removed the dress from the dummy and measured how far the pin was from the straight seam at the hem of the dress.

It was 13 and a quarter inches. My tailor’s chalk did not work well on the dress due to the type of fabric so I place pins at regular intervals at 13 and a quarter inches from the hem

It then cut the top at the pins. I put the top back onto the dummy to check that I was happy with the length.

I was happy with the length so I took the top off and then did zig-zag stitch around the hem (this is to prevent it from fraying)

I then finally encased the hem in bias binding

The top was then complete

I am very happy with the results and using the bias binding meant that this was a very fast project, taking less than thirty minutes. When I wear this out I will wear it with jeans and a little belt to accentuate the waist because the block colour on the top can look make we feel box shaped if I don’t nip in the waist.

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