Remnant Quilt One

I sorted out my sewing cupboard the other day and came across many of the beautiful fabrics that I have left over from various projects. 


I had a ponder over what to do with them and decided that I would try my hand at making a quilt, I liked the fact that it would use some left over fabric whilst reminding me of the different projects that I had made with each fabric. I have never made a quilt before so the first thing I did was have a look on you tube (this is always my fail safe options with crafts, somehow watching how it is done makes it so much clearer for me). I found this mini series and felt that it made it nice a clear.

I decided to make a quilt that was six squares by five squares, with every other square being made up of four small squares. This meant that I needed to cut out fifteen large squares and sixty little squares.

Once all of my squares were cut out I then laid them out on the floor to decide my pattern (I first had to give the dog a bone as she kept wandering all over the material)

I then piled the squares one on top of the other working from the bottom left hand corner to the top right hand corner and then worked on sewing the smaller squares together prior to attaching any of the larger squares. Following the video from you tube I checked where the seams were so that there was not too much bulk and I also pressed seams as I was going along.

I have not managed to finish the sewing of the smaller squares yet but aim to continue tomorrow. I’ll post again then with my progress.

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