Handbag Organiser

As mentioned in my post the other day I found a fat quarter of fabric that I brought ages ago and never used. I was very happy with the find and decided to use it to make a case for my phones and memory stick that I can put into my handbag.

I did not do any measurement to make this project but hopefully I can clearly explain what I did. Firstly I laid out my two phones and memory stick onto a piece of paper to get an idea of the size that I would like the organiser to be.

I then cut out all of my fabric pieces. I folded the material in half so that all of the fabric bits have two copies. I cut out the following:

1) Two pieces of the complete size

2) Two pieces for the pocket

3) Two long pieces for the tie and band

4) One full size bit from firm stabilizer

The first thing that I did was attach some bias binding to the top of pocket. This also acted to sew the two sides of the pocket together.

Next I laid the pocket onto one piece of fabric (full size) and laid the items I wanted to go in the pocket on top. I marked the places with a pin for where I needed to stitch to separate the pocket.

I then stitched where I had marked from the top of the bias binding to the bottom of the fabric. This attached the pocket to one piece of the full sized material.

I then made the long pieces of fabric into the ties. I did this by ironing the fabric in half length ways, opening in out, folding the bottom edge into the middle and ironing and then folding the top edge into the middle and ironing and then folding it in half and ironing again, this means the raw edges are inside.

I then top stitched down each edge of the tie and zigzagged stitched the ends and then attached it to the fabric in the following way.

1) On the full sized piece that does not have the pocket on, mark where the tie needs to be fixed. Attach the tie at this point (I attached it at the middle point of my tie, stitching back and forth several times.

2)  I cut a short (probably two inches) from my other fabric tie. I then laid this over the top of where the tie is attached to the fabric and zigzagged stitched over the ends to fix it to the fabric.

I then sandwiched the material, wrong sides together with the stabilizer in the middle. I also rounded the corners to make the bias binding easier to sew on.

I then attached bias binding all the way around, being careful not to catch the ties as I was sewing. This is the inside of the finished organiser

This is it all tied up

Hopefully I will now be able to find my phone when it rings now, it usually is in the bottom of my bag and difficult to lay my hands on…no excuses now. The project took less than an hour and I am very happy with the results.

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