The Challenge, Day One

The other day I was set a challenge at the craft club that I go to, I was provided with a vintage knitting pattern and asked to give it an update. Today I started to have a think about what I want to do with it. I have decided that I would like to make it into a dress using the diamonds from the original pattern. I have a huge ball of grey and a huge ball of purple Aran wool so I will use these.

This is the first knitting pattern that I have ever had a go at so it will be a bit “wing it and see what happens” but I aim to keep uploading photos documenting my progress as I go along.

The first thing that I did was take my measurements (I am not going to put these on the internet!) and then I knitted up some swatches, this was to work out how many stitches I do per inch. I knitted one swatch up in stocking stitch

When I measured the 18 stitches came to 3.5 inches

I then also did a swatch of rib stitch

The 18 stitches in rib measured 2.5 inches

Using a bit of maths I worked out how many stitches I needed at my hip, waist and bust and how many I needed to cast on. The diamond pattern from the original pattern is repeated over 28 stitches, I worked out that to cast on I required 304 stitches (I am doing the dress on the round) but to make it divisible by 28 I rounded this up to 308.  I have now cast on and done five rounds in purl and one round in knit I aim to do another four rounds in knit and will then start the diamonds. This is as far as I have got

I aim to work on this a little bit each day and post my photos as I go along. If it all works out I will then type up my first ever knitting pattern.

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