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The Challenge – Days Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen

On Sunday (day Thirteen) I managed to add another two rounds to the dress that I am knitting, however due to an incredibly busy couple of days at work yesterday and today I have not had the chance to blog or doing any more rounds, so I have not added to it since Sunday and the rest of this week is indicating that I will not get much opportunity for the rest of this week. This is how the dress is looking at the end of today (although it hasn’t changed since Sunday)

And this is it up close

I am still pleased with how it is looking, but am feeling a little frustrated with not having the opportunity to do much more to it over the last couple of days. Hopefully I will be able to grab a few minutes here and there to add to it over the next few days.

The Challenge – Days Eleven and Twelve

Yesterday I did not get an opportunity to work on the challenge at all, but today I have more than made up for it by adding five rounds to the knitting, this means that I am now over half way through the colour work pattern. This is the original pattern that I have been given to update:

I looked at it today to compare my colour work with the photo on the front and I feel very happy with how it is all progressing. This is how my knitting it looking now

At this is it up close

I am now going to do some more work on the changing bag that I am making. I plan to pick up my knitting again tomorrow and work a couple more rounds.


The Challenge – Days Eight, Nine and Ten

After my storming restart on the challenge, I have not had as much opportunity to work on it for the last couple of days. I picked it up again this evening and worked two rounds, meaning that I managed to add the first stitch of the small grey triangle in.

This is how it is currently looking

This is the knitting up close

Although I have not done as much as I would have liked on it over the last couple of days, I feel as though it is generally coming along well. It now measures five inches and I am only two rounds off half way in the colour work.

Changing Bag – Finishing the exterior

Today I continued working on the changing bag that I am making for my friend. Previously I had completed one panel of the exterior. The first thing that I did today was attach the piping around the other exterior panel.

I then attached the zip to the pieces that I cut out previously. I did this by attaching the right side of the zip to the right side of the fabric and stitching it together and then repeating it on the other side

Next, I attached the zip to the top of one of the panels, this was donr by placing them right side together and stitching really close to the piping.

I then attached the bottom of the bag to the same panel by placing them right side together and stitching close to the piping.

I then made the fabric attachments for the D-rings. I did this by cutting out a small piece of fabric, holding it in half right sides together and sewing along the edge (to make a tube), I then turned it right side out. I made two of these, one for each d-ring.

I then attached the side parts to the main panels, sewing in the d-ring attachments at the same time. This meant that one panel had the top, sides and bottom done all the way around

I finally attached the other side panel to the top, side and bottom. This was done by turning the exterior inside out so that the panel and side, top and bottom were right sides together. This is the finished exterior from the front.

This is it from the back

and this is it from the top

I have finished this for today now, but will work on it at the weekend, aiming to get the interior started.

Quick Craft – Week Two

Today I work on my second quick craft. In March I am going to an event where I have to dress smartly so i have decided that I will wear my royal blue dress, yellow tight and a necklace that I made before. This is the necklace:

So today for quick craft I decided that I would make myself a bracelet to go with the outfit. Prior to starting I got out the materials (a selection of buttons, ribbon, needle, tread, fabric glue, needle, scissors, self cover buttons, material and most importantly a bracelet that I do not wear)  that I would need and set my stop watch.

I started by wrapping the ribbon around the bracelet and then fixed the end with a small amount of fabric glue. I then cut out a length of felt and glued this to the inside of the bracelet. At the ten minute point I had reached this point and also cut out the template for the fabric for the self cover buttons.

I then cut out two circles of the fabric for the self cover buttons and did a running stitch around the edge of the circle to cover the buttons. By twenty minutes I had covered one button and done the stitches around the edge of the circle for the second button

I completed the covering of the second button and then started to sew the buttons onto the bangle by hand. This is how it was looking at thirty minutes

And this is how it was looking at forty minutes

I then decided that I was not happy with how it was looking so I took off all of the buttons apart from the big blue one with the small yellow one on top. I then carried on sewing buttons on. This is how it was looking at fifty minutes

This is how it was looking at fifty minutes from the other side

I then added the last button and it was finished at just under fifty-three minutes, well within time (obviously it would have been loads faster if I had not changed my mind half way through)

This is the bracelet with the necklace

I am pleased that I decided to take off the other buttons, I think keeping the design simple worked so much better and I think it will work well with the dress.

For quick craft next week I will be making a birthday gift for my niece who will turn nine on 17th March.

The Challenge Restarted – Day Seven

Yesterday I managed to knit two more round of the colour work onto the dress that I am making, but I did not find the time to write it up onto the blog.

I am now officially past the point of where I had got to when I found that unfortunate twist, i am aim to knit some more tonight after I get in from training with Little one.

This is how the challenge was looking at the end of yesterday (notice how there are definitely no twists – I have finally relaxed enough to stop checking for them every few stitches)

This is it close up

The colour work is moving along very nicely, the bottom of the triangles and the edges are nice and defined. If I get two more rounds added tonight I will have added the tip of another grey triangle into the purple one.

Changing Bag – Adding the pocket and piping

Today I made some progress with the changing bag that I am making for my friend. Previously I had cut out all of the pieces so today I worked on sewing some of them together.

I have recently made the Amy Butler weekend bag and loved the piping detail around the edges so I decided that I would incorporate this into the changing bag. I firstly encased the piping in the bias binding that I had cut out of the red (lining) material. I then attached this to the spotty (exterior) fabric.

I then added the lining and top stitched along the piping, which finished off the top of the pocket.

I next added the magnetic closures onto the spotty fabric (the exterior and lining material were only attached at the top so that magnetic closures only went through the spotty fabric)

I then basted the pocket onto the main panel of the bag. The next step was to attached some more covered piping all the way around this panel.

This also served to properly attach the pocket to the main panel.


I have now set it all aside ready to work on again on Thursday.

One thing I learnt today; this is the first project that I have made with oilcloth and it was not very good at going through the sewing machine as it sort of stuck on the foot, to work around this I overlaid grease-proof paper over the top of the fabric and stitched through it and then ripped the paper away, I am sure that there must be an easier way around this but this is what came to mind at the time.