Coat for Little One (The dog)

Last night when I got in from work, little one got herself all excited and decided to have a play with her jumper. This resulted in a massive hole in the back of it that was beyond repair, to be honest I am quite pleased it was pretty ugly anyway. This has meant that I have spent the morning working on a coat for her, she gets cold at the moment and needs something to keep her warm, this is what the finished coat looks like

Little one is not the best model because she finds it so difficult to stay still, most photos of her have some sort of blur about them.

To make the coat, I started off by tracing her coat that she currently has and that fits her well

I placed the coat onto some pattern paper and drew around the outside adding about 1/2 cm all the way around for my seam allowance. I then cut this out.

I then cut out all of the pattern pieces. There were two of the whole coat piece and then two pieces for the belt, I got this by measuring her current coat, and adding a little for over lap (5cm) and some for seam allowance (1cm) making it 75cm long, I did it 7cm wide.

I like the way that the above photo catches little one looking on!

I firstly put the two belt pieces right sides together and stitched around one short side and the two long sides, leaving the other short side unsewn for turning it out the right way.

I then clipped the corners and turned it the right way out and pressed, ensuring that the other short side was turned in. I then put the belt to one side to do the coat. I placed the two coat pieces right side together and stitched around the edges, leaving a gap on one straight side for turning it the right way out.

I then clipped it all the way around to ensure that the seams would lay flat. I always take real care with this because I have clipped my stitches before which is very annoying.

I then turned it the right way out, using a turning tool to get the corners out. I then pressed it ensuring that the edges that were not sewn were folded under. I then placed it over little one to decide where I wanted the belt to be.

I pinned this in place and then top stitched the belt, which also served to stitch it onto the main coat body and fasten the seam on the short end that was not previously sewn.

Then, I topped stitched right around the coat body, this also closed the part that was not previously sewn.

Next I added two button holes, one onto the long side of the coat neck and one onto the long side of the belt.

I then put the coat onto little one to work out exactly where to place the buttons on the belt and the neck and then sew the buttons on

The coat was then finished

All that was left was for little one to try it on

I got her to sit relatively still with some treats, so please excuse the drool coming from her mouth. She is also wearing the collar that I made her for Christmas so she is all kitted out in her own homemade outfit.

3 thoughts on “Coat for Little One (The dog)

  1. looks pretty 😉 if I had a dog and I would like to tease her or him (yeah I know it is it but dogs and cats are she or hes 😀 ) a little bit, I would sew one for her/him… But yours looks quite familiar with it ❤

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