The Challenge – Day Eight

This morning I awoke to a beautiful covering of snow (much like the rest of the UK), it was little one’s first ever snow fall so we took her on a nice long walk in the surrounding area and forest. It was great to have an excuse to run and play in the snow, she enjoyed chasing snowball and ate any that she managed to catch. This is little one in the snow

When I got home (and warmed up) I got out the challenge and worked three more rounds of the colour work, this completed the tops of the little triangles and also started the divide in the grey triangle for the purple one. This is how it is looking at the end of the day

This is a close up of the colour work

I worked out that now I am a little over a week in I have done 6426 individual stitches and the dress measures 4 inches…I feel like it is coming along quite nicely. Tomorrow is the craft club so I will get the chance to work on my jumper then and update them all on my progress with the challenge.


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