Decopatch Jewellery Box

Middle Sister brought me a wooden box as part of my Christmas gift….it was something that I asked for. I have looked for ages for a jewellery box and could not find one that I liked that was also practical, I then stumbled across wooden boxes when I was making a gift for my niece and thought…”ahh…I could make my own.”

Firstly I gathered all of my materials, the box, decopatch paper, glue, brush and scissors (I used the kitchen scissors which have now become my craft scissors):


I then cut the paper that I wanted into smallish squares, I wasn’t too exact about this but I would estimate that they were about 1 inch by 1.5 inch on average

I then brushed glue onto the box, stuck a bit of the paper on and then brush more glue over the top of the paper. I did this bit by bit because the glue dried so quickly, if I had brushed glue onto the whole it would have dried before I stuck the paper on.

The tricky bit was going over the sections that divided the drawers, I did this by firstly gluing it flat.

The cutting into the corners

I then folded the cut part into the drawer cavity and glued into place

I then built up the paper in the same way for the rest of the box. This is the back view

This is the front view

I was originally going to cover the drawers too, but I have now decided that I think this will be a bit much. I will buy some dark blue and red paint, doing the main part of the drawers blue and the handles red. I think I may also line the drawers to make it into a finished product.

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