Waiting for Material

I have now ordered and am waiting for a whole selections of material and other bits to start and finish off some of my projects. I have ordered all of the bits needed to make the changing bag for my friend and have also ordered the bias binding to complete the Amy Butler top and the wadding to complete the quilt, this left me a rather a loose end today. I ended up completing a lining for the bin that little one has for her toys.

The bin works very well, she has a selection of toys in there right by her bed, it keeps it all tidy and she can also find her toys when she wants. The only downside is that because the bin is metal and by the leather chair, it may scratch…something S would be very unhappy about.

To make the lining I started of by drawing around the edge of the bin, adding about 1/2 cm for seam allowance and a few centimeters at the top so that the lining can be folded over at the end.

I then repeated this for the bottom of the bin

I then used these pieces to cut out the fabric (I had some lovely Amy Butler fabric left over from another project so I used this up), cutting out two of the bottom squares and eight of the side panels, this is so that I can make a double sided lining due to the mesh nature of the bin

I then placed two panels right side together

and stitched down one side. I then opened the pieces out, laid another piece right side together and stitched down the other side

I then repeated this with the fourth piece and then attached the last edge of the fourth bit to the first edge of the first piece to make a tube

I then attached the square to the bottom. I did this by placing one edge of the square to the bottom edge of one panel, right sides together. I then stitched along the edge, leaving the needle of the sewing machine in the down position so that I could rotate the fabric and match the edges of the square and the panel in the next section

I then repeated this on the other two sides, until the bottom was attached all of the way around.

Next, I repeated all of the above steps to make another one that is identical (lining)

To attach the lining to the exterior (although mine were from the same fabric so were indistinguishable for one another), I turned one the right way out and placed it inside the other one so that they were right sides together and stitched around the top leaving a small gap for turning it the right way out.

Next I turned it the right way out and the top stitched around the top, ensuring that the material at the gap were turned in and stitched in place

The lining was now finished so I popped it into the bin

All that was left was for little one to try it out

All in all this was a super fast project and would be very easy to adapt for lining any other boxes. Fingers crossed the materials that I have ordered will not be too long in arriving.

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