The Material has Landed

Nearly all of the material that I ordered the other day has arrived, most importantly all of the material for the changing bag my friend has asked me to make has arrived

The outer part of the bag will be made in the spotty oilcloth

The interior will be made from a heavyweight waterproof cotton, it is much redder than the pictures make it look

I have a red 20 inch zip for the closure

and webbing, d-rings and slide adjusters for the strap

Finally I have 6mm piping (I recently made the weekend bag by Amy Butler and loved the piping detail so wanted to incorporate it into this bag), interfacing and wadding (this is for the changing mat and also some for the quilt that I started earlier in the year)

I am seeing my friend on the first weekend of March so the bag needs to be finished by then, I aim to start it next week….I have my parents staying this weekend for a trip to Shrek (should be good fun)…so will probably have little time for crafting

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