Quick Craft – Starting on Thursday

Starting this Thursday I am aim to run a regular slot, that I am going to call Quick Craft. The aim of this is to make something within 60 minutes, I will time myself and take photos every ten minutes to document my progress (pausing the timer to take the photos). If I haven’t finished within the 60 minutes I will take a photograph of how far along it got and then keep the timer going whilst I finish it off to see how long it takes. If the project is finished before the 60 minutes is up I shall pause the timer to report how long it took

I already have some projects planned for the next few weeks and projects will include clothing, accessories and home furnishing. It is important to me that everything is finished to a high enough standard that I would be happy to put them on display, wear them or give them as gifts, so a project will be classed as unsuccessful if I am not satisfied with the standard.

This week I will be making a Pac-Man inspired bookmark for S, he uses all different bits of paper, so I thought he would benefit from a proper bookmark…..lets see how I get on.

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