Quick Craft – Week One

Today I started my first ever quick craft, this had a couple of advantages; firstly it was nice and easy to fit it into my study day without it impacting too much and secondly I had half a chance of completely finishing it.

Today I worked on a Pac-Man inspired book mark for S. Prior to starting I got out all of the materials I would need.

This included some blue cotton material, 14 count aida, embroidery floss, needle, fusible fleece and the stop watch on my phone. I also threaded up my sewing machine and set up the ironing board.

After ten minutes this is how far I had got, I had cut out two pieces of the blue fabric and one piece of the fusible fleece. I ironed the fabric and then attached the fleece whilst I had the iron on. I had also managed to cut out three pieces of the aida and sewn four rows of the pac man (cross stitch)

After twenty minutes I had completed the pac- man and started the blue ghost (see below)

After thirty minutes the blue ghost was completely finished and the pink ghost was started (needle threaded and two stitches done)

At forty minutes all cross stitching was completed and I had placed them onto the material that did not have the fusible fleece attached ready for sewing on.

At fifty minutes I had sewn on the ink ghost, pac man and about 3/4 of the blue ghost. I used a simple blanket stitch to do this.

At sixty minutes, it was not complete. I had completed the sewing on of the blue ghost, then placed the two pieces of material right sides together and attached them on the sewing machine with a straight stitch, clipped the corners and turned it the right way out

I then pressed it and then top stitched the whole way around which also closed the seam

The project over ran by nearly three minutes. I also wished that I had placed the ghosts and pac man on the vertical as opposed to the horizontal, although I am pleased with how the ghosts and pac man came out (I designed them by counting the pixels from a still shot of the game and I think pixels work very well for cross stitch).


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