Changing Bag – Cutting the Material

There is always something quite nerve wracking about cutting into brand new material but once the first cut has been made it is somehow quite exhilarating and then I keep going to get the whole lot done. Today I have cut out the fabric for the changing bag that I am making for my friend.

I have cut out the main panels, these measure 14×16 inches and I cut out two spotty for the exterior and two red for the lining. I also cut bottom panels, one spotty for the exterior and three red, one for the lining and two to encase some firm interfacing for the bottom.

These will make the pockets

This is for the exterior pocket, I have also cut some fabric for the interior pockets and some fabric to encase some elastic which can be placed around bottles to keep them upright.

These pieces will be for the zip, which will go along the top and around a small section of the sides. I have also cut out fabric for the sides

Finally I cut out a whole load of strips from the red material which I will use to encase the piping for the detail on the exterior (and around the changing mat). These were cut on the bias.

I haven’t cut out the material for the changing mat/flap yet because I want to work out the finished size of the bag before I do this. I am still wondering whether to round the corners off and may do this prior to sewing. The changing bag needs to be finished for the first weekend in March so I will be working on it a fair bit over the coming week.

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