Changing Bag – Adding the pocket and piping

Today I made some progress with the changing bag that I am making for my friend. Previously I had cut out all of the pieces so today I worked on sewing some of them together.

I have recently made the Amy Butler weekend bag and loved the piping detail around the edges so I decided that I would incorporate this into the changing bag. I firstly encased the piping in the bias binding that I had cut out of the red (lining) material. I then attached this to the spotty (exterior) fabric.

I then added the lining and top stitched along the piping, which finished off the top of the pocket.

I next added the magnetic closures onto the spotty fabric (the exterior and lining material were only attached at the top so that magnetic closures only went through the spotty fabric)

I then basted the pocket onto the main panel of the bag. The next step was to attached some more covered piping all the way around this panel.

This also served to properly attach the pocket to the main panel.


I have now set it all aside ready to work on again on Thursday.

One thing I learnt today; this is the first project that I have made with oilcloth and it was not very good at going through the sewing machine as it sort of stuck on the foot, to work around this I overlaid grease-proof paper over the top of the fabric and stitched through it and then ripped the paper away, I am sure that there must be an easier way around this but this is what came to mind at the time.

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