Quick Craft – Week Three

I had originally planned to make my niece’s birthday gift today as part of quick craft, however part of the material has not arrived yet so it will have to wait until next week. I have therefore made myself a case for my glasses today. I started off by getting out all of my materials: cotton patterned material, blue felt, double sided fusible facing, extra firm interfacing, a button and my stop watch. I also threaded up my sewing machine with blue cotton and set the ironing board up.

Ten minutes in an I had managed to cut out all of the material that I would need for the project this included two rectangles from the cotton fabric, two rectangles from the blue felt, a small blue square, a felt “J” (the first letter of my name), two rectangles of the firm interfacing (slightly smaller than the cotton and felt rectangles) and a “J” and square (same size as the blue square) from the double sided facing.

I attached the “J” to the blue square with the fusible facing in between and then attached the blue square with the “J” to one of the cotton rectangles. I then zigzagged stitched around the edge of the blue square and the “J”. Next I placed the two cotton rectangles right side together and attached them with a straight stitch around three edges (two side and bottom). This is how it was looking twenty minutes in.

I then placed the two felt rectangles together and stitched around three edges (two long and one short). I then basted the extra firm interfacing onto the felt (wrong side). Next I placed the felt and the cotton right side together and stitched around the top edge, leaving a gap to turn it back the right way (this gap needed to be quite wide because the extra firm interfacing in not good at going through tight spaces). I then turned it back the right way around, tucking the felt lining into the cotton and ensured the that corners were turned out. I then pressed it flat (on the back because the felt would stick to the iron) and then top stitched around the top, closing the gap for turning as I went. This is how it was looking at thirty minutes.

I then added a button hole to the center of the front top edge and sew a button on for closing. The case was then finished.

This was an unbelievably fast project taking just under thirty-eight minutes. I now have somewhere safe to keep my glasses and the extra firm interfacing in the project means that they will be protected in my handbag. This is the case with my glasses in

I then decided that I would make some cakes seems as I had more time left than I expected.

For next week’s quick craft my material for my niece’s birthday gift should have arrived.

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