Changing Bag – All a Bit of a Rush

I have previously posted on the changing bag that I have been asked to design and make for my friend. The baby was due on the 23rd March so all has been progressing nicely and on time and then he decided he couldn’t wait to meet his wonderful parents and made an early entrance into the world. This has meant that I have spent today trying to finish the changing bag off so that I may post it to her on Monday.

The exterior was basically finished, the only thing that I did was sew some snaps onto the bottom of the bag (this will be to attach the changing mat).

I then started work on the interior of the bag. Firstly I worked on the elastic side (for bottles etc.) I attached the elastic on each side of one of the main sized panels.

I then stitched the elastic onto the main panel to make sections for holding items.

I then worked on the pocket for the other side of the interior. I firstly put the two pocket pieces right side together and attached them along the top.

I then turned it the right way out and lined it up onto a main panel. I then started to make up the interior of the bag bay placing the right sides together of the side and main panels and stitching around the edge. This also served to attach the pocket the rest of the way around.

Next, I placed the interior into the exterior (wrong side together) and hand stitched along the zip (turning the edge of the interior under as I went). I just did a running stitch so that it held everything in place. I then machine stitched along the zip to attach the interior to the exterior.

I then worked on the strap. I wanted to cushion the strap as I am sure that the items in a changing bag can be quite heavy so comfort is important. Firstly I cut out the fabric that I would need for the cushion. This included a red and spotty rounded rectangle and two thin red rectangles.

I firstly attached the red rectangles to the larger red rectangle (for the strap to run through)

I then placed the red and spotty rectangles right side together and stitched around one short side and two long sides and then turned it right way out. Next I put some stuffing into the cushion and then top stitched around the edge (turning the last short side under as I went). This it on the strap from the back side

And this is it from the spotty side

All that was left was for me to attach the strap to the bag, threading it through the D-rings previously attached and the adjusters (one on each side). The main section of the bag was then finished.

All that is left now is the changing mat, which I shall do tomorrow. Then I can send it to my friend.


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