Questions and Answers

My fellow blogger Anna’s Creative Corner has included me in a questions and answer exercise, where she asked me (along with eleven other bloggers) twelve questions. The challenge is to answer her questions and then ask twelve other bloggers, twelve questions.

Here are my answers:

  1. How to you pick your crafting projects? – I really just see where my mood takes me. Sometimes I want to make something and just have a look in my sewing box and fabric cupboard to see what I have avaliable for inspiration. Other time I literally wake up in the middle of the night with an idea. If I am making something for someone else I alway have a think about them and see what I come up with.
  2. What’s your favourite craft? – this is such a tough questions. I really enjoy most crafts, knitting and sewing have to be my absolute favourites, knitting because I can take it and do it anywhere and sewing for the variety of beautiful things that you can make and the amazing speed for having a finished item.
  3. Choose: Spring or summer? – It would have to been spring every time, I love it when the daffodils come out and trees develop their buds, always a time of so many possibilities.
  4. How did you decide what your blog should focused on? – I wanted to do a general craft blog because that is what I enjoy doing. I didn’t want to focus on just one craft because I do a variety of different things, so in essence it is just general craft and making things.
  5. What is your greatest craft accomplishment? – It would definitely be the year that I decided to make any clothes that I wanted and not buy any. I learnt so many things in that year, the only thing that I did not make was a coat that I really wanted to, I have this gorgeous 1960’s pattern that S’s mum gave me and I have the fabric, just never got around to making it….I will have to try and do that this year. The one item I was really pleased with was a dress, I used a 1950’s pattern and Chinese fabric, it was purple and green and I wore it to my cousin’s wedding…I recieved so many compliments which felt so nice, especially when I could turn around and say “I made it myself”
  6. How do you treat yourself? – Nothing beats Haagen-Dazs ice-cream. My favourite is the pralines and cream.
  7. What are your hopes for life? – Quite serious I know, but it would be to be able to make a positive contribution to the support of people with autism (on an individual and general level). I hope to be able to look back and know that I made a positive contribution to someone else’s life.
  8. What are your dreams? – To open up a cafe that runs craft classes and can be used as a place for like minded people to get together.
  9. Is there anything you would change in your life? – I would love a craft room in my house. Currently I sewing on my dining table and it would be so lovely not to have to pack it way each night and be able to leave things out when I am working on them.
  10. What makes you happy? – Little one, she always wags her tail first thing in the morning when she wakes up and it can’t help but make me smile. I love her sheer joy at finding a new stick, her optimism that this will be the time that I share my chocolate with her (I obviously never have) and her excitement when I return home from a long day.
  11. What’s your favourite food? – Ice-cream is always a winner. When I was a child I used to always have room for ice-cream and would explain that I couldn’t finish my main because I was full up on flavour, leaving me plenty of room for ice-cream.
  12. Any crafting tips for anyone starting out? – Patience and you tube, if something goes wrong put it down and come back to it in five minutes or so then have another look. I have found you tube invaluable, I learnt to knit from S’s mum about a year ago she showed me the basics and then everything else has come from you tube, if I am unsure of something I look it up and watch…learning that way is so much easier that reading about it.

Now I have twelve questions to ask twelve people, the people I would like to ask are:

Aviz from ohsewtempting

Skylar from shesewstoconquer

kim from kim’sknots

Lizz from a goodwardrobe

Kiwi Girl from kiwigirlskiwiblog

Karen from cravancreativity

Allybeth from dropping stitches

Weekend knitter from weekendknitterblog

Holly from foggyknitters

Lee from leesewjunkie

Lizzy from lizzylikescake

and my questions are:

1) What age did you start crafting?

2) What made you get into crafting?

3) What do you do to relax?

4) What would your superpower be?

5) What made you decide to start blogging?

6) What do you look forward to?

7) What do you like to make for other people?

8) What do you like to make for yourself?

9) Where is your favourite place?

10) If you could be doing anything now…what would you be doing?

11) What are you proud of?

12) What are you most thankful for?



3 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Wow, I’m so flattered you included me in this 🙂 And I love that your number 8 is the same as mine, though I’d include some books in there too. Will get you your answers at the soonest 😉

  2. I’m excited to answer these questions! I totally hear you about having a craft room. I’ve been sewing at the dining room table as well and have finally hit my limit. I’ve started carving out a space for myself in the back room. I find the most difficult part of not having a sewing room is feeling pressured to finish the project when I know I should put it (and everything else) away for the night.

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