Changing Bag – Completed!!!

As I posted yesterday my friends baby arrived an unexpected three weeks early meaning that I had to rush the changing bag that I am making for her. Yesterday I managed to get the main section of the bag completed meaning that today I only had to finish the changing mat….I managed this meaning that I can now post it off to her tomorrow.

I wanted to make a changing mat that would form the flap closure of the bag but also be removable (with the plan that if she wanted she could take it off and put it into another bag rather than needing to buy another travelling mat). To start with I cut out the fabric:

I cut out one red and one spotty rectangle (I got the measurements for these by measuring around the bag from the snap closures at the bottom and round to the magnetic closures. I then added ten centimeters on (mainly so I had something to play with), this meant that they measured 86cm long and 45cm wide. I also cut out some fleece this was 85cm long and 44cm wide.

The first thing I did was work out where to sew on the corresponding snap closures onto the red rectangle. I did this by lining up the bottom of the back with the edge of the red rectangle.

I held up the fabric against the snap closures on the bottom of the bag and made a mark with my tailor’s chalk. I then sew on the snap closures.

I then worked out the placement for the magnetic closures. I did this by attaching the red fabric to the bottom of the bag by the snap closures and wrapping the fabric around the bag

I then made a mark with the tailors chalk to mark where the magnetic closures needed to be and then attached them following the instructions in the pack

I then placed the red and spotty rectangles, right side together and then laid the fleece on top of the red rectangle. I sew around leaving a 1/2cm seam allowance and a gap along part of one of the long sides for turning it the right way out. I then clipped the corners and trimmed along the seam allowance quite close to the stitches because the fleece can add a lot of bulk if it is not trimmed.

I then turned it the right way out through the gap that I left. This was really tricky because the oilcloth sort of sticks to itself. I ensured that the corners were fully turned out.

Finally I top stitched around the edge, ensuring that I enclosed the gap left for turning. I generally left a 1/2cm gap with the exception of the short edge with the snaps because I did not want to break my needle on the closures.

All that was left was to attached it to the bag. This is the bag with the changing mat attached but extended out

This is the bag from the side with the changing mat wrapped around

This is the bag from the front with the changing mat closed to form the flap

I am so pleased that I have managed to finish this for my friend and I couldn’t be happier with the finished results. This is the first bag that I have made that I designed myself (I have always used patterns before) and I would happily design and sew another bag. Hopefully it will be safe in the post and arrive to Hastings quickly for my friend and her new son.

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