Quick Craft – Week Four (A t-shirt for my niece)

On the 17th March, my niece will turn nine (I can not believe that she is nine already!) so for quick craft this week I have made something for her. This is what the finished item looks like

Prior to starting I got out all of the materials that I would need, this included a white t-shirt in her size, some fabric, pink wool (it matches the hearts from the fabric), sew on velcro, stick on velcro, fabric paint, plain paper and a brush. I also had some wooden scrabble tiles.

For the first ten minutes I drew the picture of the lion (this is her favourite animal) and a speech bubble onto the plain paper (I am not particularly artistic so I traced onto the paper directly from the computer by making the image the right size, holding the paper over the screen and drawing around the edges), I then cut the pictures out to form my stencil.

I then placed a big book, wrapped in newspaper into the inside of the t-shirt (this is very important when using fabric paint because the paint does go through). I then taped the stencils into place onto the t-shirt and painted the gaps. At twenty minutes I had done the painting and carefully removed the stencil from around the lion.

Next I concentrated on the scrabble tiles to give the paint a chance to dry. I cut some of the stick on velcro into small squares and started to stick it directly onto the back of the scrabble tiles. I must be honest though due to my job I had lots of the little bits of velcro pre-cut (I make up a lot of visual communication aids which use velcro on) so I only needed to cut about fifty, this saved me tons of time and by thirty minutes I had cut out all of the squares of velcro that I needed and stuck the velcro onto the back of about half of the tiles

I then continued sticking the velcro onto the remaining tiles, when I had finished that I cut out the fabric squares for the drawstring bag, this was how it was looking at forty minutes.

Next, I cut out the sew on velcro (I had used the hook type on the back of the letters so I used loop) into three strips, one for the front of the bag and two for the t-shirt. I then attached one strip to a fabric rectangle for the bag, next I placed the fabric for the bag right sides together and sew around two long sides and one short side, clipped the corners and turned it the right way in. I then plaited three strands of wool together and knotted it at each end. This is how it was looking at fifty minutes.

Taking the drawstring bag I then folded the top over (in towards the inside) and stitched along the edge ensuring that I left enough space to tread the wool through. To put the wool through I attached a safety pin to one end and the fed it through with my fingers. All that was left was to sew the velcro onto the t-shirt within the speech bubble, the gift was then finished. I finished it nearly three minutes after the hour, so it overran a little bit.

This is the t-shirt with the letters bag.

I am visiting my family at the weekend so will hand it to my sister to give to my niece on her birthday, hopefully she will like it. I decided to do a t-shirt like this because she has always enjoyed words and can now make her own messages.


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