Eight Way Skirt

One item that I managed to make over the weekend was a skirt that can be worn eight ways. I started off by getting out all of the material that I would need:

This included two different ribbons, one black and one navy and pink strips, navy blue and star material, peach with white polka dots material, birds material and bright pick with white polka dots material. For the rest of the post I will refer to the skirt exterior which was made up of the navy and peach material and the lining which was made up of the bird and bright pink material, however as will become apparent the skirt is reversible so referring to the exterior and lining is just to aid the instructions.

I firstly cut out one pattern piece from each of the materials:

These were all cut on the fold and were exactly the same size. I made my pattern piece by adapting the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt pattern mainly because I have used this pattern to make five skirts for myself previously and have always been very happy with how they have come out and fit).

I then made up the exterior, I did this by placing one piece on the floor right side up and laying the ribbon on top of the pattern piece, the ribbon overlapped the sticking out bit at the waist of the skirt.

I then laid the other exterior pattern piece on the the top, so that the fabric was right side together with the ribbon in between

I then stitched up the both sides of the skirt around the bottom of the waist tab and up to the top, this fixed the two exterior pieces together

I then clipped into the corners and snipped the ribbon so that it was flush. I then repeated these steps with the fabric for the lining.

Next I place the exterior and the lining right sides together

and stitched around the top of the skirt, fixing the exterior and the lining together:

I then clipped along the top so that when it was turned right side out, the skirt would lay flat.

I then turned the skirt right side out and top stitched around the top. I hemmed the skirt and then put it on. I then worked out where to sew two buttons (one either side of my waist) and put the button holes and added these on. The skirt was then finished and can be worn in eight different ways.

Way one:

Way two

Way three:

Way four

Then by turning it inside out, so that the lining is on the outside, which gives ways five, six, seven and eight:

This was a very quick skirt to make and I like that it can be work in a variety of different ways. The only thing I would change is that I would make the waist tabs shorter next time, I do not like the way that they overlap and I think it would work better if the did not quite join and the ribbon could be tied between them.

5 thoughts on “Eight Way Skirt

    • Thank you, I saw a person on the tube wearing a skirt like it and thought it was a good idea. I jotted down some notes when I came home and then worked on it from there. I made up a rough one in muslin first to check that I had work out the reversing correctly.

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