My Busy Weekend – Dog Walks and Crafts

On Thursday I headed off to my parents house, it meant that I was away from blogging but I still managed to work on some crafty bits. I took little one with me, this is her with my mum’s dog, Zita (little one is on the right and no longer looks so little):

I also met my dad’s new dog for the first time, she is called Hunny (she struggled to stay still for any length of time so this is the best of a bad bunch):

Around walking all of the dogs, I managed to do some crafty bits. Firstly my mum asked me to take up her curtains, they were well and truly touching the floor:

I took off about a foot. The curtains are lined with a white material so I used a white thread on the main part of the machine and black in the bobbin so that the thread matched the curtains on both sides.

This is how they ended up looking:

I got home yesterday and had a day’s holiday from work, Little one was so tired from her weekend running around with Zita and my sister’s dog, Scout (I know, there are five people in my family and five dogs!!) so she slept all day meaning that I could get along with some bits. I firstly made an eight-way skirt (see following post):

I then updated a blazer by changing the buttons for some fabric covered ones. I firstly changed the buttons on the back from this:

To this:

And the front button, from this

To this

The buttons were covered in a light pink with small white polka dots material.


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