Quick Craft – Week Five (Dog Themed Cushions)

This is my fifth week of quick craft, where I try to make something within an hour. Today I decided that I would make some dog themed cushions. I started off by threading up my sewing machine, setting the stopwatch and getting out my materials, this included tartan material, red material, star material (which I ended up not using), double sided fusible material, bias binding and my drawings (a bone, a paw print and and dog outline):

I started off by cutting out the paper shapes and then cutting out the material for the three cushions (13 inch square for the front and two 13 inches by 8 inches for the back – I made an envelop type cushion)  . This is what I had done at ten minutes:

I then cut out the dog shapes from the fusible interfacing and cut the dog shapes from the red material. This is what I had done at twenty minutes (some dog shapes still needed to be cut out):

I then finished cutting out the remaining dog shapes and then attached the dog shapes to the cushion fronts by ironing them onto the cushion with the fusible interfacing in between. Next  I attached the bias binding to one edge of all of the back pieces. By thirty minutes I had attached all of the shapes (waiting for stitching) and attached bias binding onto four of the six back pieces:

I completed the bias binding on the other two back pieces and then started to do the zig-zag stitching around the edge of the dog shapes. At forty minutes I had completed the paw print and started on the bone (not shown as it was in the sewing machine still):

I continued with the zig-zag stitching around the dog shapes and at fifty minutes I had completed the bone and most of the dog (again not shown as it was still attached to the sewing machine):

I then finished off the dog shape and then started to make up the cushions. I did this by laying the cushion front right side up and then laying the back pieces on top, lining up the edge without the bias binding on to the top and bottom of the cushion front. I then sew around the edge (1/2 inch in so that it ended as a 12 inch square), clipped the corner and turned the cushion the right way out. When I had finished all three I stopped the watch…it read six seconds past the hour. I think considering that I managed to make three cushions in this time it is not too bad going. This is the finished cushion set.

I am going to put these to one side, I have a plan to give them to someone as a birthday or Christmas gift, so I will keep them until then.


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