Quick Craft Week Six (Owl Coaster)

I am currently feeling a little under the weather and have not got around to posting for a while. I have been doing some knitting because I can just pick it up and put it away again very easily. I managed to do quick craft on Thursday but did not have time to write up the post. This week I decided that I would make an owl coaster, although I am really not particularly happy with the results.

I started off by getting out all of the materials that I would need, the owl material, some wadding, embroidery floss, hand needles, blue felt and the drawing of the owl. I also threaded up my sewing machine.

I started off by cutting out a square of the the two blue felts (one bright, one navy) and a slightly smaller square from the owl material and the wadding. I then cut out the inner part of the owl from the bright blue felt and tow circles for the eyes (although I ended up not using these). At ten minutes I had reached this point:

Next I worked on sewing the feathers of the owl directly onto the owl material. (The paper owl from the picture was used as a guide and then tore the paper away when I had done the stitches). At twenty minutes it was looking like this:

I then sew the beak in the same way as the feathers and then tore away the paper. I then used a paper guide to machine stitch the outline on the own around the bright blue felt. At thirty minutes I had reached this point:

I then laid the the blue felt material onto the top of the owl material and restitched around the outline to attach the felt to the owl material. I the added some buttons for the eyes (mainly because I was unhappy with how the cut out felt eyes looked). At forty minutes I had reached this point.

I then laid the navy blue felt square, wadding and the owl on top of one another and stitched around the outside. I managed to finished the coast within forty-five minutes, but as I have said I am unhappy with how it has turned out. I had this thought that having the owl material showing through would look good but I really do not feel that it works, mainly because now enough of the owls show through. My plan for this now is to open the top seam up, put some lavender in, attach a ribbon and use it in my wardrobe. I plan to still make some owl coasters but I will do the following things differently:

1) Use different fabric (not felt) for the main part of the coaster.

2) Use felt for the all sections of the owl and applique it on.

I’ll let you know how they turn out.


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