More Fabric has Arrived

One of the things that I have loved about starting blogging is finding out about so many interesting projects from other people. A few weeks ago I commented on this absolutely beautiful dress because I looked the fabric so much. The author was so kind to tell me where she brought the fabric from, it was a website ( that I had never heard of before but it had so much beautiful fabric that I know it is going to mean a serious hit on my bank balance every time I visit.

I restrained myself quite well and just brought a selection of four fabrics, I ordered them quite a while ago but because they have come from America they have taken a little while to arrive. The first fabric that I brought was a unicorn inspired one:

The background colour is a dusty pink (it is not as red as the picture looks) and I brought it because I have always loved unicorns ever since falling in love with The Last Unicorn book as a kid. I brought two yards of this fabric so I will keep my eye out for a project that I can use it for.

I also brought some fabric with English Bull Terriers on:

I brought this one because I have a friend who has a Bully and I have always wanted some Bully fabric so that I could make something for her, I now have the fabric to do so. I brought one yard and have some ideas for what I will do with it.

I then brought some pac-man material:

This fabric caught my eye for its retro feel. I will use it to make a skirt or dress (taking the inspiration from Thread Carefully’s  Tetris dress).

The last thing I brought mainly as a bit of experimentation:

The fabric has a skirt pattern printed on it along with instructions  as to how to make the skirt. It has a box pleat at the front and has iris flowers on the main part of the skirt the fabric is beautiful so I hope the skirt sews up well. I have never seen anything like this before but thought that it was a really good idea so thought I would give it a go.

I love getting new fabric, I keep it out of my sewing cabinet for a while just so I can look at it all the time admiring the beauty of it. I am always a little reluctant to cut into new fabric at first because prior to it being cut it has so much potential which is taken away when you cut into it.

2 thoughts on “More Fabric has Arrived

  1. I was so tempted by that PacMan fabric too! I can’t wait to see what you make with it all.

    By the way, Spoonflower will print your own fabric design up for you! I saw a similar UK based website a few weeks ago but I’ve forgotten the name of it, unfortunately.

    Good luck with all your makes! xxxJulia

  2. Thank you. I noticed about the designing fabric, it is something I will definitely aim to do in the future. I aim to design a few different fabrics along the same sort of colour scheme so that I can make up a capsule wardrobe…..maybe next year.

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