Owls – Getting to the Yoke

Today has been so beautiful that I decided to take Little One, myself and my knitting to Epping Forest. I also took my current uni book so that I could at least do a little bit of study before I settled down to my knitting. I probably read about ten pages (not too bad but not as much as I probably ought to) before the knitting called to me. Last weekend I managed to finish off the first arm and make good progress with the second arm on the Owl jumper (designed by Kate Davies).

Today I completed the second arm and then started on the yoke, which is also the point that the owls start to be knitted. I have done the first four rounds of the owl pattern (there are 19 in total) so the jumper is really coming along. The jumper has been relatively straight forward until joining the arms and the body, it took me ages to figure out how to get the arms, front and back in the right order but once I managed that it has been straight forward again. I’m not the quickest knitter in the world but this actually seems to be knitting up relatively quickly (when you consider how long I actually spend knitting and that not the amount of time between picking it up). I’m really motivated to finish it now that I am so close so hopefully I will be posting on the finished jumper very soon.

This is how the jumper is currently looking:

4 thoughts on “Owls – Getting to the Yoke

  1. It is so clever, I got the pattern from Ravelry, it is a Kate Davies design (she is also on WordPress). I love her stuff and have already brought the paper dolls pattern for my next jumper (I have also been brought the wool as a present).

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