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Pyjama Party – I’m ready to Join the fun

Karen, from Did you Make that invited people to a pyjama party, the only stipulation was that you had to make you own pyjamas. Here are my finished ones:

I was particularly pleased with the waist band (my first ever elasticated waistband), this is the waist band close up:

I am amazed at how comfortable the pjyama are to wear, here I am enjoying my kindle while wearing them:

I have had a nosey at other people’s pjs and some of my favourites so far are:

Frog Pyjamas on Sil’s Fab Knitblog

Vintage PJs on Struggle sews a Straight Seam

Bold Floral on Experiments and Accidents

Thank you so much to Karen of Did you make that for hosting this party and sew along, I have had so much fun and am looking forward to joining in with the fun and games.

Cross Stitched Jockey Silks

As I alluded to in another post S is a big fan of horse racing. This year I made him the jockey silk cushion covers and last year I did a jockey silks inspired cross stitch. I am posting about it now because over the weekend his parents brought them back framed and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The ten silks were chosen because they are the winning colours of the horses for the Champion Stakes which was held at Newmarket (until last year when it moved to Ascot). S went to Newmarket every year from 2001 to 2010 so I did the jockey silks from these years, last year we went to Ascot and plan to go again this year. This is a close up of some of the silks:

As can be seen, thanks to S’s hoarding of race cards we managed to put the horse details alongside the jockey silks. One of the main reason that the framing took so long was because we could not locate the race card from 2002 (if anyone has any bright ideas about where I could find one, please let me know).


Pyjama Party – I have finally brought my fabric

One of the blogs (Did you Make That?) that I follow is doing a pyjama party sew along.  I thought this was such a great idea that I signed up straight away, little did I think about going out getting the pattern and the material so that I could join in. Today I finally got around to getting everything I need, I was working in Wellingborough today (I know I really get around) and called into a lovely little haberdashery called Button Boutique in the town center. The man behind the counter was so lovely, I made all of my selections paid on my card and then realised that I forgot to pick up some buttons for the baby knitting that I am doing. I then choose my four buttons which ended up costing 40p, because I only had notes he said I could come back and pay next time I was passing….I love it when people are so nice and friendly like that.

Anyway, the shop did not have the pyjama pattern that Did you Make That? is using but I found this one instead:

I will make the longer style one (though I may still add the pockets) so I brought 2 meters of fabric:

The picture doesn’t really show the colours of the fabric too well, it is a mixture of blue and pink patches, each 1.5 inches square. I also brought some pink ribbon to match which is for the waist tie.

I now have to cut out and start sewing so that I can catch up, I should still manage to finish in time for posting the pyjama bottoms on 28th April.

Knitting in Birmingham

I have spent part of this week in Birmingham due to work, one of the main downsides to going on work related trips is that it is pretty lonely. Rather than letting this bother me I decided that I would take along the baby jumper and work on this whilst I don’t have little one to decide the needles are sticks again.

I managed to complete the back of the jumper:

The stitched on the needle are left to join back onto for the 2×2 rib for the collar. I then started on the first sleeve. I then got incredibly brave on the train home and got the sleeve out for some knitting on the go (it is my first ever time of knitting in public). The sleeve was perfect for doing on the train because it is straightforward and I had already worked all of the increases in the hotel room. I got to the point that I needed to cast off the first few stitches in each row whilst on the train and then I finished it off when I got home. This is the finished sleeve:

I now only have another sleeve and the front to do for next week. Fingers crossed I get them finished on time. I have also found out today that another friend is having a baby, she does not want to know whether she is having a girl or boy so once I finish this jumper I will start on something in neutral colours, maybe green?

Birthday Horse Racing Cushions – Kauto Star and Big Bucks

Today is S’s birthday, I made this present for him a little while ago but obviously did not want to post about them until he had them.

S is a big fan of horse racing, he has his family have been going for years, I therefore wanted to make him something horse racing inspired and settled on some cushion covers in the colours of the jockey silks of his favourite horses (for the jump season) Big Bucks and Kauto Star.

I started by making a rough sketch of want I wanted to do:

I wanted the top section to represent the hat, the sides to represent the arms and main section to be the body. The sketch to the side represents the colours needed, Kauto Star has a purple hat, green body with yellow spots and arms that are yellow on the top half and green on the bottom. Big Bucks has red hat and arms and a body that is white and black. I wanted the cushion covers to fit a 16 inch form so the finished measures of the sections needed to be 8 x 4 for the hat, 16 x 4 for the arms and 12 x 8 for the body. I then added on 1 inch to each so that I had a 1/2 inch seam allowance, then I cut out my material for each. This is the cut out material for Kauto Star:

For Kauto’s silks the first thing I did was attach the yellow spots onto the green body. I used fusible interfacing, ironed them on and then did zigzag stitch around the outside of each circle. I then attached all of the pieces together:

The next part involved making the back part for the cushion. I wanted an envelop style back so I cut out on 17 x 12 inch and one 17 x 8 inch piece from the green material.  Then I hemmed one long side of each piece (this will be for the opening) and then laid them on top of the front piece, right sides together with the hemmed bit of each of the back pieces towards to middle of the cushion (they overlap). I then attached them to the front piece with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, trimmed the corners and then turned it the right way out:

Then I repeated the process for the Big Bucks cushion cover:

S has said he is very happy with the cushion covers and has asked if I’ll do one of Frankel for Christmas.

Me-Made-May Challenge

One of the things I love about blogging is reading all of the other things that people are up to and whilst surfing around last night I found this blog post  which offers up a challenge called Me-Made-May. Please use the link to read all about it and join in. Here is my pledge to join:

‘I, Jo of sewmuchchoice, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear one different handmade item each day for the duration of May 2012’

I intend to document my progress once a week where I will share photographs of what I have worn, my items will include:

1) Knitted items

2) Sewn items

3) Upcycled items

4) Jewelry and other accessories

The challenge will start on the 1st of May so I will post when I have started and as I go on….wish me luck.


Fabric Napkin rings for Mum

At the end of March was my mum’s birthday, which following mother’s day so closely always offers somewhat of a gift challenge. This year my parents have requested that us three girls contribute toward the purchase of a new 12 setting dinner service for gifts. I decided that this would be good for mother’s day so I purchased the tea pot, sugar bowl and two teacups and saucers.

I then decided that for the birthday gift I would make mum something that would go with the whole dinner service theme but also be something pretty individual. I looked through my sewing books including 100 Pretty Little Projects which included instructions for making up some fabric napkin rings.

I was firstly going to make them all matching but then thought that I would do them all in different fabrics, mainly because if one was lost it could easily be replaced with another one. These are the finished twelve napkin rings all laid out:

The other nice thing about using all of the different fabrics is that it gave me the opportunity to use up some remnants. I always love using up remnants because it is nice looking through them and figuring out what else you made with the fabric (there is a whole wide range of other projects from the fabric above including skirts, dresses, a coat for little one, a cat cushion, a cat toy and collar, harness and lead for little one).

I wrapped all of the fabric rings up into one before wrapping them up for mum, this is them altogether:

I only gave them to mum over the Easter weekend (hence posting about them now), hopefully my parents will not have to wait too long until they have the full dinner set to use them with.


Eerie Indiana and Baby Knitting

I have been a little quiet over the past few days, firstly due to Easter during which I began to feel unwell. Today is the first day that I felt up to getting out of bed for any length of time so I did what all 20 somethings in my position would do, snuggled down on the sofa with my blanket, put on my Eerie Indiana DVD and picked up some knitting.

Before Christmas I started to work on some knitting for my friend who was expecting a baby (the baby has now arrived) and made the mistake of leaving it out when Little One was left on her own for a couple of hours. I don’t know whether it was the ball of wool or the bamboo knitting needles (amazingly stick like) that got her attention, but either way when I got back in a knitting needle was in bits and the wool was in a massive taffle (Lincolnshire word for tangled). Fortunately in her excitement she managed to leave the bit that I had knitted completely in tact. I then put it all to one side with the thought that I would get around to untangling it all, replacing the needles and restarting….as is always the way with these things I did not get around to this quickly.

I sorted out the wool by cutting it off and the then painstakingly untangling it all by hand….this took hours and quite a lot of huffing and puffing. I then left it alone to only repick it up today, I thought that seems as I was laid up I may as well focus on something that I have been meaning to get around to for a while. The hardest part was figuring out where I was in the pattern but once I got that sorted out it was quick to get back into.

I have now completed the back of the jumper up to the neck shaping, this is how it is currently looking:

I am visiting my friend and meeting the baby for the first time at the end of the month so I would ideally like to get the jumper finished for then. (On the photo you can see how far I got before Little One intervened, about half way up is where I rejoined the thread).


Owls – All Knitted up

Last night I managed to finish off the Owls Jumper. I firstly knitted the 2×2 rib to make up the collar and then casted off on Tuesday night. I then popped to my local haberdashery with the jumper to find out which buttons would work best for the eyes, after much deliberation I settled on these:

I thought that having the outside as navy and the inside as white would look good especially once the blue thread was used to attach them to the jumper.

Last night I sew all 42 buttons onto the jumper and then sew up the underarms. Finally I threaded all of the ends in and blocked it. This is the finished jumper:

And this is a close up of the owls:

It is now already for wearing which means I am probably one of the very few people who is pleased for this cold snap we are having….means I get the opportunity to wear my new jumper over the Easter weekend, after last week I thought I would finish the jumper just as the weather was warming up which would have meant waiting months until I got to wear it.

The Owls – Nearly There!

This weekend and this evening I have continued to work on the knitting of the owl jumper…I am so ridiculously close that it has been a bit tricky to put it down tonight but thought it best to think about posting now so that I can get to bed (not sure how well “I was up knitting” would go down as an excuse for getting a little shut eye in the middle of a meeting). This weekend I completed the nineteen rounds which make up the owls and then this evening I worked on the knitting rounds and short rows to dip the yoke.

The jumper is coming along nicely, this is how it is looking at the end of today:

And here is a close up of the owls:

I have reached the end of the knit rounds and am going to start the 2×2 rib tomorrow. The 2×2 rib is two inches so I should be able to get that done tomorrow, then all that will need doing is closing under the arms, threading in the ends, blocking and sewing on the buttons for the eyes.