The Owls – Nearly There!

This weekend and this evening I have continued to work on the knitting of the owl jumper…I am so ridiculously close that it has been a bit tricky to put it down tonight but thought it best to think about posting now so that I can get to bed (not sure how well “I was up knitting” would go down as an excuse for getting a little shut eye in the middle of a meeting). This weekend I completed the nineteen rounds which make up the owls and then this evening I worked on the knitting rounds and short rows to dip the yoke.

The jumper is coming along nicely, this is how it is looking at the end of today:

And here is a close up of the owls:

I have reached the end of the knit rounds and am going to start the 2×2 rib tomorrow. The 2×2 rib is two inches so I should be able to get that done tomorrow, then all that will need doing is closing under the arms, threading in the ends, blocking and sewing on the buttons for the eyes.


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