Owls – All Knitted up

Last night I managed to finish off the Owls Jumper. I firstly knitted the 2×2 rib to make up the collar and then casted off on Tuesday night. I then popped to my local haberdashery with the jumper to find out which buttons would work best for the eyes, after much deliberation I settled on these:

I thought that having the outside as navy and the inside as white would look good especially once the blue thread was used to attach them to the jumper.

Last night I sew all 42 buttons onto the jumper and then sew up the underarms. Finally I threaded all of the ends in and blocked it. This is the finished jumper:

And this is a close up of the owls:

It is now already for wearing which means I am probably one of the very few people who is pleased for this cold snap we are having….means I get the opportunity to wear my new jumper over the Easter weekend, after last week I thought I would finish the jumper just as the weather was warming up which would have meant waiting months until I got to wear it.

5 thoughts on “Owls – All Knitted up

    • Thank you, I was very pleased with the find of those buttons. I have been wearing it today and am so pleased with it, the waist decreases means that it is nice and fitted giving a flattering shape.

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