Eerie Indiana and Baby Knitting

I have been a little quiet over the past few days, firstly due to Easter during which I began to feel unwell. Today is the first day that I felt up to getting out of bed for any length of time so I did what all 20 somethings in my position would do, snuggled down on the sofa with my blanket, put on my Eerie Indiana DVD and picked up some knitting.

Before Christmas I started to work on some knitting for my friend who was expecting a baby (the baby has now arrived) and made the mistake of leaving it out when Little One was left on her own for a couple of hours. I don’t know whether it was the ball of wool or the bamboo knitting needles (amazingly stick like) that got her attention, but either way when I got back in a knitting needle was in bits and the wool was in a massive taffle (Lincolnshire word for tangled). Fortunately in her excitement she managed to leave the bit that I had knitted completely in tact. I then put it all to one side with the thought that I would get around to untangling it all, replacing the needles and restarting….as is always the way with these things I did not get around to this quickly.

I sorted out the wool by cutting it off and the then painstakingly untangling it all by hand….this took hours and quite a lot of huffing and puffing. I then left it alone to only repick it up today, I thought that seems as I was laid up I may as well focus on something that I have been meaning to get around to for a while. The hardest part was figuring out where I was in the pattern but once I got that sorted out it was quick to get back into.

I have now completed the back of the jumper up to the neck shaping, this is how it is currently looking:

I am visiting my friend and meeting the baby for the first time at the end of the month so I would ideally like to get the jumper finished for then. (On the photo you can see how far I got before Little One intervened, about half way up is where I rejoined the thread).


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