Fabric Napkin rings for Mum

At the end of March was my mum’s birthday, which following mother’s day so closely always offers somewhat of a gift challenge. This year my parents have requested that us three girls contribute toward the purchase of a new 12 setting dinner service for gifts. I decided that this would be good for mother’s day so I purchased the tea pot, sugar bowl and two teacups and saucers.

I then decided that for the birthday gift I would make mum something that would go with the whole dinner service theme but also be something pretty individual. I looked through my sewing books including 100 Pretty Little Projects which included instructions for making up some fabric napkin rings.

I was firstly going to make them all matching but then thought that I would do them all in different fabrics, mainly because if one was lost it could easily be replaced with another one. These are the finished twelve napkin rings all laid out:

The other nice thing about using all of the different fabrics is that it gave me the opportunity to use up some remnants. I always love using up remnants because it is nice looking through them and figuring out what else you made with the fabric (there is a whole wide range of other projects from the fabric above including skirts, dresses, a coat for little one, a cat cushion, a cat toy and collar, harness and lead for little one).

I wrapped all of the fabric rings up into one before wrapping them up for mum, this is them altogether:

I only gave them to mum over the Easter weekend (hence posting about them now), hopefully my parents will not have to wait too long until they have the full dinner set to use them with.


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