Birthday Horse Racing Cushions – Kauto Star and Big Bucks

Today is S’s birthday, I made this present for him a little while ago but obviously did not want to post about them until he had them.

S is a big fan of horse racing, he has his family have been going for years, I therefore wanted to make him something horse racing inspired and settled on some cushion covers in the colours of the jockey silks of his favourite horses (for the jump season) Big Bucks and Kauto Star.

I started by making a rough sketch of want I wanted to do:

I wanted the top section to represent the hat, the sides to represent the arms and main section to be the body. The sketch to the side represents the colours needed, Kauto Star has a purple hat, green body with yellow spots and arms that are yellow on the top half and green on the bottom. Big Bucks has red hat and arms and a body that is white and black. I wanted the cushion covers to fit a 16 inch form so the finished measures of the sections needed to be 8 x 4 for the hat, 16 x 4 for the arms and 12 x 8 for the body. I then added on 1 inch to each so that I had a 1/2 inch seam allowance, then I cut out my material for each. This is the cut out material for Kauto Star:

For Kauto’s silks the first thing I did was attach the yellow spots onto the green body. I used fusible interfacing, ironed them on and then did zigzag stitch around the outside of each circle. I then attached all of the pieces together:

The next part involved making the back part for the cushion. I wanted an envelop style back so I cut out on 17 x 12 inch and one 17 x 8 inch piece from the green material.  Then I hemmed one long side of each piece (this will be for the opening) and then laid them on top of the front piece, right sides together with the hemmed bit of each of the back pieces towards to middle of the cushion (they overlap). I then attached them to the front piece with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, trimmed the corners and then turned it the right way out:

Then I repeated the process for the Big Bucks cushion cover:

S has said he is very happy with the cushion covers and has asked if I’ll do one of Frankel for Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Horse Racing Cushions – Kauto Star and Big Bucks

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