Knitting in Birmingham

I have spent part of this week in Birmingham due to work, one of the main downsides to going on work related trips is that it is pretty lonely. Rather than letting this bother me I decided that I would take along the baby jumper and work on this whilst I don’t have little one to decide the needles are sticks again.

I managed to complete the back of the jumper:

The stitched on the needle are left to join back onto for the 2×2 rib for the collar. I then started on the first sleeve. I then got incredibly brave on the train home and got the sleeve out for some knitting on the go (it is my first ever time of knitting in public). The sleeve was perfect for doing on the train because it is straightforward and I had already worked all of the increases in the hotel room. I got to the point that I needed to cast off the first few stitches in each row whilst on the train and then I finished it off when I got home. This is the finished sleeve:

I now only have another sleeve and the front to do for next week. Fingers crossed I get them finished on time. I have also found out today that another friend is having a baby, she does not want to know whether she is having a girl or boy so once I finish this jumper I will start on something in neutral colours, maybe green?

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