Pyjama Party – I have finally brought my fabric

One of the blogs (Did you Make That?) that I follow is doing a pyjama party sew along.  I thought this was such a great idea that I signed up straight away, little did I think about going out getting the pattern and the material so that I could join in. Today I finally got around to getting everything I need, I was working in Wellingborough today (I know I really get around) and called into a lovely little haberdashery called Button Boutique in the town center. The man behind the counter was so lovely, I made all of my selections paid on my card and then realised that I forgot to pick up some buttons for the baby knitting that I am doing. I then choose my four buttons which ended up costing 40p, because I only had notes he said I could come back and pay next time I was passing….I love it when people are so nice and friendly like that.

Anyway, the shop did not have the pyjama pattern that Did you Make That? is using but I found this one instead:

I will make the longer style one (though I may still add the pockets) so I brought 2 meters of fabric:

The picture doesn’t really show the colours of the fabric too well, it is a mixture of blue and pink patches, each 1.5 inches square. I also brought some pink ribbon to match which is for the waist tie.

I now have to cut out and start sewing so that I can catch up, I should still manage to finish in time for posting the pyjama bottoms on 28th April.


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