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Me-Made-May: A not quite so delayed week two

On Tuesday I posted about my Me-Made-May week one outfits, and today I am posting about the week two outfits.

Day Eight

Day eight was a Tuesday which is an admin day at home for me, therefore I work a rather relaxed denim skirt and t-shirt. The denim skirt started off as a pair of Carhart jeans that I umm “grew” out of, I wore this with a David and Goliath t-shirt that reads “Rock is Dead: Long live paper and scissors”, red tights and converse (when taking out little one).

Day Nine

Wednesday is a day at work so I was back to being a little smarter. On day nine I wore a black polo neck jumper with an Amy Butler Barcelona skirt in a beautiful dress forms fabric. This was worn with black tights and black knee high boots.

Day Ten

Thursday’s are my study days but at the start of May I was between modules on my course and so spent the morning lazing around in the pyjamas that I made for the pyjama party and working on Middle Sister’s wedding present (obviously I have posted no pictures of this yet but will do after the wedding at the end of August).

Day Eleven

Friday and back to work, today Me-Made-May made an appearance via necklace:

I made this necklace by using a bobbin (I think it is called french knitting)to create three knitted ropes, plaiting them together an sewing beads onto the end. I wore this with a black dress, my favorite rabbit cardigan, black knee high boots and tights the same colour  as the necklace.

Day Twelve

On Saturday night I wore this top that was originally a dress with a pain of dark jeans and black heels.

Day Thirteen

Sunday was a day for walking Little One in the woods, at this point everywhere is very wet and muddy so wellies are a must meaning I need my welly socks:

I knitted these when I was first learning to knit and I found the Owl jumper pattern, I had never knitted in the round before and wanted to try something before making the jumper.

Day fourteen

This is a really loss Me-Made -May entry, I found this skirt in a charity shop when I was about 19 (that is eleven years ago!!!) and added the cat to it, the cat has beads and sequins sewn around it but it is slowing fading towards non-existence but I still can’t bear to be parted from it…I will have to see whether I can redo the cat in some way to give him a fresh new look. I wore the skirt with a little jacket, black tights and red ballet shoes.

Me-Made-May: A Very Delayed Week One

Back in April I pledged to join Me-Made-May, I have been wearing one item made by my own fair hand each day for the month so far, but alas I have not posted. Each day I have made a note of what I wore with the aim that S would be able to take a photo at some time, we have now reached 22nd May and we still haven’t taken any photos so today I decided to dress up my tailors dummy it what I have worn instead.

Day One:

On Tuesday’s I work from home on an admin day so I can keep my clothes nice and relaxed, this skirt was originally a halter neck dress and although I loved the print of the fabric I just never wore it as a dress because I felt so uncomfortable in it so I changed it to a high waisted skirt and used the ties from the neck to make little braces. I wore the skirt with a white long sleeved top, yellow tights and tan shoes.

Day Two

Day two and another high waisted skirt that started life as a dress. I altered this dress back in January and have worn it to work quite a bit since. On day two I wore the skirt with a simple navy t-shirt, navy tights and navy ballet shoes.

Day Three

This is an Amy Butler Barcelona A line skirt (I have made several of these so there are others to make an appearance later in the month). On day three I wore the skirt with a black knit top with a bird on, black tights and black boots.

Day Four

On day four I wore one of the Sorbetto tops that I made the previous day. I wore the black and white top with a pale pink skirt, black shrug, black tights and black boots.

Day Five

Day five was a Saturday so for the evening out I wore this dress that I made in June 2010 at a workshop at Make Lounge in Highbury and Islington. I wore the dress with a black belt (the dress hangs without shape making me feel like a short box without it), purple shrug, purple tights and purple heels.

Day Six

On day six, a Sunday I relaxed at home and walked the dog, it was a particularly cold day so I seized the opportunity to wear my owl jumper  hoping that later in the month it would be too hot to wear a knitted jumper (this wasn’t to happen and I have worn it again since). I wore the jumper with jeans and converse, nice and relaxed.

Day Seven

Back to work on day seven so I wore the other Sorbetto I made with my navy suit. I wore this outfit with red tights and navy ballet shoes.

I will aim to take photos of my clothes from week two and post tomorrow.

Baby Jumper – Another arm and starting the front

Recently I have been working on a red baby jumper for a friend, whose baby is due in July. Last time I posted about the jumper I had just completed the first arm.

I have now finished the second arm:

and started on the left hand side of the front:

This is in addition to the back of the jumper that I had previously finished:

I don’t know if I am getting quicker, but this jumper seems to be knitting up really quickly…I’ll easily have it done for July. I am also aiming to make a swaddle blanket to send off with the jumper, there is a nice pattern in the 101 ways with a meter book that I posted about before.

Vogue V8766 – Cutting the Fabric

The other day I got around to ordering the fabric to make a dress to wear to middle sister’s wedding in August, over the last few days the material has arrived so whilst S has been watching the football I have started to cut out the fabric.

The dress that I am making is F from this pattern:

I ordered the fabric and I would show pictures but it really does not photograph well in the living room light so I’ll wait for some natural daylight to send the pictures.

This evening I have managed to cut out the pieces from the lace fabric:

The fabric is a bright purple so here you can see how terribly it photographs in the light. I am using the shorter sleeve length which is why the piece in the center of the photo is folded up and I am quite a shorty so I have altered the bodice pieces at the bottom to take account of this. The fabric in the photo is folded over with the circle of the skirt and the bottom bodice piece cut on the fold. Out of the photo is the skirt back which was also cut double thickness but to make two separate bits.

Tomorrow  I aim to cut the lining fabric and then during the week I can start to sew, meaning it should be ready in plenty of time for the wedding. The other good thing is that I have plenty of the lace fabric left to make the lace clutch (if I have time).

The Corduroy Dress – All Finished

Last weekend I started a corduroy dress that I worked on in stages. The last time I left it I had put in the zip and hemmed it which meant that the only job left was to do the decorative top stitching, which I managed to finish today.

Here is a close up of the stitching:

I am particularly pleased with my lining in this project, I know no one can see the inside but it is always satisfying when the inside looks finished too:

This is a photo of the dress on the mannequin:

And finally a couple of photos of me wearing the finished dress:

I feel that this dress fits really nicely and I am pleased with the decision to do the top stitching in white, it seems to add a really nice bit of detail. The dress was very easy to make (with the exception of my pickiness with the zip).

Finally I have a photo of little one, she has been very good today. I took her out for a couple of hours this morning around the nature reserve and she slept whilst I was completing my studying and then stayed close but (uncharacteristically) calm whilst I was did the dress, she deserves a biscuit!

Baby Jumper – An Arm (and my first Birthday Present)

This evening I have completed the arm on the baby jumper:

Now for something completely uncraft related….In June I hit the big three ohh. Today my dad popped in to drop off my birthday present from him and mum (I will see them the weekend before but S, Little One and I are off for a week in the Cotswolds so will be travelling light). They said that I could open the present right away and this is what they have brought me:

A set of six pans….is getting excited over a nice set of pans a sign of getting old???

The Corduroy Dress – Adding the Zip and Hemming

Today I managed to do a little bit more work on the corduroy dress that I started a few days ago.

I was thinking that I would be able to finish it in one sitting but this was not to be, mainly because I have put in the zip a total of three times and taken it out twice!

Today I have hemmed the dress:

Finally inserted the zip:

All that is left now is the decorative top stitching around the neck and arms. This is how the dress is currently looking from the front:

And from the back:

Although it was frustrating putting in and taking out the zip a few times, I am pleased that I did because the back now matches up perfectly. I’ll post on the finished project, complete with top stitching later in the week.

Ordering Fabric – A Dress for a Wedding

In August my middle sister is walking down the aisle, so obviously I would like a nice dress for the occasion. I have had the pattern for the dress for quite a while:

I think I brought it in December with the original plan that I would get some fabric in the new year so the dress was ready in plenty of time. It is a Vogue pattern and I have settled on dress F which is the one in the main picture.

I finally got around to ordering the fabric today, I originally wanted to do the dress in green but I could not find any lace in the green that I wanted so I have gone for purple. This is the lace:

And this is the colour of the lining material:

I have also ordered the ribbon and zip so when it arrives I can get started straight away. I have ordered enough so that I can hopefully make a little bag to match….I have seen a pattern for a lacy clutch that looked stunning but I’ll only make it once I have made the dress.

Continuing the Baby Jumper

Today I returned to studying (although it was tempting to delay this in preference to finishing off my corduroy dress) so I have not done any crafting today. I thought it would be good to blog on the progress of the baby jumper that I started the other day (I will return to the corduroy dress tomorrow).

I have now completed the back of the baby jumper:

and made good progress on the first arm:

I am trying to do a little bit of the knitting each day so it is progressing quite nicely. I best go now and continue with the registration of this module.

The Corduroy Dress – Not Quite There

Yesterday I started making a dress form some fabric that I had had for ages. My aim was to finish it today but alas I did not quite manage it. I worked on the dress for a couple of hours this morning and then decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head to the woods with S and Little One.

Today I managed to insert the lining into the bodice:


Make up the pockets:

Attach the pocket and make up the bottom part of the dress:

And attached the bottom of the dress to the bodice:

This means that all I have left to do is, attach the zip, hem it and then do the decorative top stitching…..maybe I ‘ll start studying a bit late?