I’ve Completed the Baby Jumper

Last week, I frantically tried to finish the baby jumper that I had started for a friend. I took the knitting to Birmingham, Wellingborough and Brighton all in the attempt to get it completed for the trip to Hastings to she her and the baby. I did manage to complete the knitting all in time (finishing the last bit in the hotel room in Brighton before we drove over the Hastings) but I forgot to pack my scissors meaning I had no chance to sew it together before we got to Hastings. I then thought, rather stupidly in hind sight, that I could have done the sewing together once we arrived. After having a glass of wine with lunch I realised this wouldn’t happen either. So I brought it all home again. Today I managed to complete it all, including the blocking. Here it is all finished:

The blue in the photo is quite true to what it looks like, I choose it for the boldness. This is a close up of the cables:

I am pleased with the finished jumper, although it is disappointing that I didn’t have it ready for when I met the baby. At least I have knitted it for a 3-6 month old so running a bit late isn’t too bad. I am now going to go and start a different jumper for another friend who is expecting in July.


One thought on “I’ve Completed the Baby Jumper

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