My First (and second) ever Sorbetto Top

Thursday is usually a study day for me, but last week I sat the exam on my recent module and the next module does not start until the 14th May, meaning that Thursdays, temporarily at least, have become sewing day…what more could a girl ask for?

As part of the pyjama party, Karen of Did you Make That? started a game that asked two questions, one being “What is you favourite sewing pattern?” Loads of people commented that their favourite was the Sorbetto by Colette patterns. I had never heard of this before but when people also commented that it was free I thought that I ought to look it out. By the power of a google search, I found, downloaded and printed the pattern. Then yesterday I have a look through my fabric stash and choose this fabric to try out the top with:

I already had some black bias binding so I set about making the top today. It was amazingly quick and easy (the hardest bit was probably getting the printer to print the pattern the right size, there is a test square which needs to be 4inches) and the best thing is that I now have a beautiful top:

I was so pleased with the finished item that I immediately started on a second top, in my fabric stash I had this fabric too:

This is the finished top:

I am so pleased that I took notice of everyone from the game, I am going to have to agree with them that the Sorbetto is a great pattern. I think that I am going to add some decorative buttons onto the back and white one to add a bit of interest. This is my first (and second) ever Sorbetto but I will definitely be making up more of these….will really help with Me Made May.


6 thoughts on “My First (and second) ever Sorbetto Top

  1. Sorry for the late comments, but I love all your projects, especially the baby jumper and the Sorbetto top!

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