Using up Some Fabric – A Little Bag

Today I decided that I would like to use up some of my fabric scraps to make something new. I had a look through all of my sewing books and settled on a project from:

I have only had this book for a couple of weeks, I brought it after buying the previous 101 way to Sew a Metre which I loved. This new one is even better because it has ways to sew different types of fabric and I have already gone through and decided which of the projects I can do to make my Christmas presents this year.

Today I decided that I would sew the project called Bees Knees Pocket Bag. The fabric that I wanted to use I did not have a metre of so i combined it with some fabric left over from the Sorbetto Top.

This is the finished bag from the front:

And this is it from the back:

I altered the lining slightly so that I had two small pockets on one side and a big pocket on the other (you can’t really see this on the photo because it is in the fabric as the lining):

I am pleased with the bag and will be putting it aside into the gift box.

5 thoughts on “Using up Some Fabric – A Little Bag

  1. I love this bag. Great idea to stash presents as you think of them! I should really take a leaf out of your book. Where did you buy that amazing fabric…pray tell?!

    • Thank you, I find it really useful to stash presents…it means that I have less of a panic when birthdays and Christmas comes around. I am not sure where I got the fabric but it is an Alexander Henry design, I’m sure you could get it at loads of different places.

      • Oh thank you so much. I will google it to see if I can land some! And now you’ve got me thinking about what presents I can make! 🙂

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