Starting a Corduroy Dress

I seem to be on somewhat of a sewing frenzy at the minute, really I just want to take advantage of my free time, my next module starts on Monday so I will loss precious crafting time again.

Today I decided that I would like to use the cord fabric that I have had for ages…I can not for the life of me remember what I brought this for. I have a look through patterns that I have and settled on this one:

I have decided to make dress c, this dress has pockets on and I thought that using a little bit of patterned fabric on the top of the pocket would add a nice bit of detail.

So far today I have cut out the fabric:

This it the material that I have cut out for the pocket detail (you may recognise it):

At the end of today I have managed to make the bodice, I have been incredibly brave and decided that I will do white top stitching….I hope that doesn’t backfire later:

I will continue with the dress tomorrow, I will need to make up the lining next and then the bottom of the dress. I am hoping to get it all finished so that it is done for my return to studying on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Starting a Corduroy Dress

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