Ordering Fabric – A Dress for a Wedding

In August my middle sister is walking down the aisle, so obviously I would like a nice dress for the occasion. I have had the pattern for the dress for quite a while:

I think I brought it in December with the original plan that I would get some fabric in the new year so the dress was ready in plenty of time. It is a Vogue pattern and I have settled on dress F which is the one in the main picture.

I finally got around to ordering the fabric today, I originally wanted to do the dress in green but I could not find any lace in the green that I wanted so I have gone for purple. This is the lace:

And this is the colour of the lining material:

I have also ordered the ribbon and zip so when it arrives I can get started straight away. I have ordered enough so that I can hopefully make a little bag to match….I have seen a pattern for a lacy clutch that looked stunning but I’ll only make it once I have made the dress.

One thought on “Ordering Fabric – A Dress for a Wedding

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