The Corduroy Dress – All Finished

Last weekend I started a corduroy dress that I worked on in stages. The last time I left it I had put in the zip and hemmed it which meant that the only job left was to do the decorative top stitching, which I managed to finish today.

Here is a close up of the stitching:

I am particularly pleased with my lining in this project, I know no one can see the inside but it is always satisfying when the inside looks finished too:

This is a photo of the dress on the mannequin:

And finally a couple of photos of me wearing the finished dress:

I feel that this dress fits really nicely and I am pleased with the decision to do the top stitching in white, it seems to add a really nice bit of detail. The dress was very easy to make (with the exception of my pickiness with the zip).

Finally I have a photo of little one, she has been very good today. I took her out for a couple of hours this morning around the nature reserve and she slept whilst I was completing my studying and then stayed close but (uncharacteristically) calm whilst I was did the dress, she deserves a biscuit!

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