Vogue V8766 – Cutting the Fabric

The other day I got around to ordering the fabric to make a dress to wear to middle sister’s wedding in August, over the last few days the material has arrived so whilst S has been watching the football I have started to cut out the fabric.

The dress that I am making is F from this pattern:

I ordered the fabric and I would show pictures but it really does not photograph well in the living room light so I’ll wait for some natural daylight to send the pictures.

This evening I have managed to cut out the pieces from the lace fabric:

The fabric is a bright purple so here you can see how terribly it photographs in the light. I am using the shorter sleeve length which is why the piece in the center of the photo is folded up and I am quite a shorty so I have altered the bodice pieces at the bottom to take account of this. The fabric in the photo is folded over with the circle of the skirt and the bottom bodice piece cut on the fold. Out of the photo is the skirt back which was also cut double thickness but to make two separate bits.

Tomorrow  I aim to cut the lining fabric and then during the week I can start to sew, meaning it should be ready in plenty of time for the wedding. The other good thing is that I have plenty of the lace fabric left to make the lace clutch (if I have time).

5 thoughts on “Vogue V8766 – Cutting the Fabric

  1. I’m making this too, looking forward to seeing your finished one. I love all of the project you have done.

  2. Any update on this dress? I just cut the fabric for mine out today (also doing view F) so curious to see how yours turned out (and really hoping you didn’t abandon it for any reason!!)

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. I have just not got around to working on this dress any further but fully intend to finish it in time for my sister’s wedding at the end of august. I will keep you posted. I hope that your dress is going well.

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