Me-Made-May: A not quite so delayed week two

On Tuesday I posted about my Me-Made-May week one outfits, and today I am posting about the week two outfits.

Day Eight

Day eight was a Tuesday which is an admin day at home for me, therefore I work a rather relaxed denim skirt and t-shirt. The denim skirt started off as a pair of Carhart jeans that I umm “grew” out of, I wore this with a David and Goliath t-shirt that reads “Rock is Dead: Long live paper and scissors”, red tights and converse (when taking out little one).

Day Nine

Wednesday is a day at work so I was back to being a little smarter. On day nine I wore a black polo neck jumper with an Amy Butler Barcelona skirt in a beautiful dress forms fabric. This was worn with black tights and black knee high boots.

Day Ten

Thursday’s are my study days but at the start of May I was between modules on my course and so spent the morning lazing around in the pyjamas that I made for the pyjama party and working on Middle Sister’s wedding present (obviously I have posted no pictures of this yet but will do after the wedding at the end of August).

Day Eleven

Friday and back to work, today Me-Made-May made an appearance via necklace:

I made this necklace by using a bobbin (I think it is called french knitting)to create three knitted ropes, plaiting them together an sewing beads onto the end. I wore this with a black dress, my favorite rabbit cardigan, black knee high boots and tights the same colour  as the necklace.

Day Twelve

On Saturday night I wore this top that was originally a dress with a pain of dark jeans and black heels.

Day Thirteen

Sunday was a day for walking Little One in the woods, at this point everywhere is very wet and muddy so wellies are a must meaning I need my welly socks:

I knitted these when I was first learning to knit and I found the Owl jumper pattern, I had never knitted in the round before and wanted to try something before making the jumper.

Day fourteen

This is a really loss Me-Made -May entry, I found this skirt in a charity shop when I was about 19 (that is eleven years ago!!!) and added the cat to it, the cat has beads and sequins sewn around it but it is slowing fading towards non-existence but I still can’t bear to be parted from it…I will have to see whether I can redo the cat in some way to give him a fresh new look. I wore the skirt with a little jacket, black tights and red ballet shoes.

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