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Starting a Corduroy Dress

I seem to be on somewhat of a sewing frenzy at the minute, really I just want to take advantage of my free time, my next module starts on Monday so I will loss precious crafting time again.

Today I decided that I would like to use the cord fabric that I have had for ages…I can not for the life of me remember what I brought this for. I have a look through patterns that I have and settled on this one:

I have decided to make dress c, this dress has pockets on and I thought that using a little bit of patterned fabric on the top of the pocket would add a nice bit of detail.

So far today I have cut out the fabric:

This it the material that I have cut out for the pocket detail (you may recognise it):

At the end of today I have managed to make the bodice, I have been incredibly brave and decided that I will do white top stitching….I hope that doesn’t backfire later:

I will continue with the dress tomorrow, I will need to make up the lining next and then the bottom of the dress. I am hoping to get it all finished so that it is done for my return to studying on Monday.

The Metre Bolero

Yesterday I made a bag from the 101 Ways to Sew a Metre:

Today I had a look through the book and settled on making the Cap Sleeve Bolero…mainly because it was so cute but I also thought that it would be a good item for a summer wardrobe.


I had this owl fabric that I settled on for the project:

This is the finished item from the front view:

And this is the back view:

The bolero has little pleats around the waist that give it a nice fitted finish. The only downside is that the it has not photographed too well in the kitchen light…I will try and take some more tomorrow in natural light, the material should show up much better then.

Another Baby Jumper

Last week I completed a jumper for a friend who had a little boy in March. More or less as soon as I had finished this project another friend told me that she is expecting at the end of July, meaning that as soon as I finished the first jumper I started another one.

I again started by consulting the Little Brits in Spiffing Knits patterns:

I settled on this pattern (although I am going to knit the v-neck version) because I liked the detail at the top:

I then settled down to making a good start, this is how far I have got:

The wool is quite a rich red, which does not show up in this photo. I settled on red because my friend does not know whether she is expecting a boy or girl. I thought that red would be nice neutral colour and that I could add flower buttons or trains buttons on to the front once I know.

Using up Some Fabric – A Little Bag

Today I decided that I would like to use up some of my fabric scraps to make something new. I had a look through all of my sewing books and settled on a project from:

I have only had this book for a couple of weeks, I brought it after buying the previous 101 way to Sew a Metre which I loved. This new one is even better because it has ways to sew different types of fabric and I have already gone through and decided which of the projects I can do to make my Christmas presents this year.

Today I decided that I would sew the project called Bees Knees Pocket Bag. The fabric that I wanted to use I did not have a metre of so i combined it with some fabric left over from the Sorbetto Top.

This is the finished bag from the front:

And this is it from the back:

I altered the lining slightly so that I had two small pockets on one side and a big pocket on the other (you can’t really see this on the photo because it is in the fabric as the lining):

I am pleased with the bag and will be putting it aside into the gift box.

My First (and second) ever Sorbetto Top

Thursday is usually a study day for me, but last week I sat the exam on my recent module and the next module does not start until the 14th May, meaning that Thursdays, temporarily at least, have become sewing day…what more could a girl ask for?

As part of the pyjama party, Karen of Did you Make That? started a game that asked two questions, one being “What is you favourite sewing pattern?” Loads of people commented that their favourite was the Sorbetto by Colette patterns. I had never heard of this before but when people also commented that it was free I thought that I ought to look it out. By the power of a google search, I found, downloaded and printed the pattern. Then yesterday I have a look through my fabric stash and choose this fabric to try out the top with:

I already had some black bias binding so I set about making the top today. It was amazingly quick and easy (the hardest bit was probably getting the printer to print the pattern the right size, there is a test square which needs to be 4inches) and the best thing is that I now have a beautiful top:

I was so pleased with the finished item that I immediately started on a second top, in my fabric stash I had this fabric too:

This is the finished top:

I am so pleased that I took notice of everyone from the game, I am going to have to agree with them that the Sorbetto is a great pattern. I think that I am going to add some decorative buttons onto the back and white one to add a bit of interest. This is my first (and second) ever Sorbetto but I will definitely be making up more of these….will really help with Me Made May.


I’ve Completed the Baby Jumper

Last week, I frantically tried to finish the baby jumper that I had started for a friend. I took the knitting to Birmingham, Wellingborough and Brighton all in the attempt to get it completed for the trip to Hastings to she her and the baby. I did manage to complete the knitting all in time (finishing the last bit in the hotel room in Brighton before we drove over the Hastings) but I forgot to pack my scissors meaning I had no chance to sew it together before we got to Hastings. I then thought, rather stupidly in hind sight, that I could have done the sewing together once we arrived. After having a glass of wine with lunch I realised this wouldn’t happen either. So I brought it all home again. Today I managed to complete it all, including the blocking. Here it is all finished:

The blue in the photo is quite true to what it looks like, I choose it for the boldness. This is a close up of the cables:

I am pleased with the finished jumper, although it is disappointing that I didn’t have it ready for when I met the baby. At least I have knitted it for a 3-6 month old so running a bit late isn’t too bad. I am now going to go and start a different jumper for another friend who is expecting in July.