A Baby Beret

Yesterday I made a little jacket for a friend’s baby that was born yesterday morning. I decided late last night that I would also like to make a little hat to go with the jacket, so I fell back on the fail safe Little Brits in Spiffing Knits book:

And choose the Beret that is featured on the front. I started this last night and it has taken a surprising amount of knitting. This is the beret on the knitting needle waiting for the thread to be taken through the remaining stitches:

This is the beret all sewn up:

The beret in the pattern has a bobble on top, but because she is a June baby I thought it would be nice to do something else. I found these lovely flowers from Chic Envelopements and thought that using the same fabric as the jacket would bring the two items together. Here is the beret with the flower on top:

I will now packaged the jacket and beret off for posting so that my friends have them before baby is six months old (this is how old another person’s friend was before I got my present to them).

2 thoughts on “A Baby Beret

  1. Hello Jo, Its been great having a look at your blog, you have many talents and use them well too! Thank you for coming on the slippers workshop at Mother Goose, hope you enjoy your new skill and you have a reminder of Nailsworth to take home with you. If you would like to see the photo I took, its on http://www.facebook.com/mothergooseonline . Do pop in if you’re round these parts again! (List of workshops, just in case – http://www.mothergooseonline.co.uk/events) Email me if you need further help with slippers, Sophie x

  2. Thanks Sophie, I have been continuing with the crocheting and now I’m back home I aim to get started on a pair of slippers for myself. You have helped me learn something I have wanted to learn for ages so thank you so much.

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