A Holiday and New Craft

I have been very quiet over the last week or so because I have been on holiday, it was my 30th on Monday so S took Little One and I away for the week. We have had a lovely holiday in Nailsworth in the Cotswolds.

Once we had settled into the cottage we stayed in we went off exploring the local area and the first shop we stumbled across was Mother Goose, much to my delight (and S’s dismay). We spotted in the window that they do workshops in knitting and crochet, upon venturing in an chatting to the shop owner it was agreed that an individual workshop could be run for me the next day. I was so pleased with this because I have always wanted to learn to crochet and had brought myself a child’s kit with the aim of teaching myself:

I previously used a child’s knitting kit to learn the basics of knitting (with the aid of S’s mum) which worked nicely but I could not understand the instructions in this kit, I think this is mainly due to me being a leftie and not being able to rotate the instructions in my head.

My individual workshop was run by Sophie Buckley and we aimed towards making some baby slippers. In Sophie’s studio are some gorgeous crocheted bags which are simply beautiful. I have never progressed beyond chain stitch before so aiming to produce a finished item that I could give as a gift gave me some focus. I choose to complete the slippers in red so that they would go with the jumper that I have been making.

We started off by cutting out the soles:

Add the punching the holes into the soles. I then proceeded to doing my first crochet stitch:

This is the slipper with more crochet work:

I have found out that I crochet very tight and I need to work on loosening my work so that I can get the hook back into stitches. During the four hour workshop i managed to finished one slipper completely and did the bottom part of the second slipper. I then took the materials back to the holiday cottage and completed the second slipper whilst it was all fresh. Here are the finished slippers:

I loved making these so much that I immediately brought some wool and sheepskin from Mother Goose so that I could make a pair for myself. I had taken the crochet kit away with me on the holiday so I proceeded to make some granny squares over the remained of my holiday (post to follow), I am so pleased that I have finally got the basics of crocheting because I have wanted to have a go for ages.

If you ever find yourself in Nailsworth I definitely recommend a trip into Mother Goose and if you find yourself with the opportunity to participate in one of their workshops (and they have tons) give it a go, Sophie was really clear with her instructions and pointed out bits to help me along  (for example in triple stitch I tended to alter the direction of wrapping my yarn half way through).

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