Granny Squares

Whilst on holiday I attended a crocheting workshop, resulting in a completed pair of baby slippers. I then decided that I would continuing with crocheting whilst away so that my new knowledge could be kept fresh. I previously brought a crochet kit for kids but struggled to rotate the pictorial instructions for my leftie ways:

Following the workshop on the slippers I felt that I could now adapt the instructions and work towards completing my first ever granny square. I waited until it was a lovely day (we were very lucky with the weather all things considering) and S, Little One and I sat outside. S with his racing post, Little one with her sun and I with the crochet kit:

Here is that start of my first ever granny square:

And here is the second row:

Here is my first ever completed granny square:

Whilst on holiday I managed to finish another seven, I honestly can’t believe how quick crocheting is. I managed to finish another square this morning meaning that I have now done all nine:

Now that I have finished the crocheting I just have to make up the cushion, which I think should be relatively straightforward and quick. Hopefully  I can get it done one evening this week, although from tomorrow I will have to refocus my energies back into studying after I have had a week off.

3 thoughts on “Granny Squares

  1. Well done! These are lovely 🙂 My mum used to knit left handed. I have no idea how everything turned out so well. There are lots of left handed crochet videos on Youtube which you might like. I wonder whether there are any left-handed crochet patterns? Avis x

  2. Thanks, I’ll have a look at the videos on youtube. I learnt to knit right handed because I couldn’t rotate it around but I would say that I knit right handed in a very left handed way, the left needle does all of the work and the right one stays very still.

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