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The One Yard Swaddle Blanket

I have been very quiet of late, mainly because my crafting has been focusing on a wedding present for my sister (which I can not blog about until after her big day) but also because following our holiday in the Cotswolds I have been struggling to catch up with my study…something that I finally managed to do today.

A little while ago a brought this very cute fabric:

S has always loved monkeys so when I saw this I thought I would buy some to make him something as part of his Christmas gift. I brought two metres and what I have settled on I only need one metre for so I had a look through my trusty book:

and settled on the swaddle blanket:

I choose this one because the material is flannel and it will be a handy gift to have for the next friend who has a baby. It was an incredibly quick make, probably taking me about two hours including the tracing of the pattern from the sheets in the front of the book (can anyone ever get them back into the pocket?).

Here is the finished item laid out flat:

And purely for illustrative purposes, here it is with my childhood bear, Lemonade, all swaddled up:

Lemonade has been kept in a wardrobe since Little One took a fancy to her and she had to have some emergency surgery, so I think she is quite pleased of the outing modelling gave her.






Finishing the Baby Jumper

As I posted the other day, I received news that my friend I have been making the baby jumper through went into labour, this lead to me frantically finishing the jumper so that I can post it off to her and the new baby.

Today I managed to sew it all together and knit the ribbed button band:

I also had these lovely little polka dot buttons that I thought would go beautifully:

This means the jumper is now ready to go, I am sending it off with the booties that I made in the holiday workshop:

Baby Jumper – Finishing the Front

Today I received news that my friend had started labour. This news meant that I needed to ensure that the baby jumper I have been working on is completed to send over to her. Today I completed the front, which is the last section of knitting. All I need to do now is sew it together, knit the ribs and block….hopefully not too much of a task to complete quickly.

Here is the completed front:

I will be sending this along with the booties that I made in the workshop on holiday.