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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Mood Board

In October, S and I are off to Paris. This is a trip that we have done previously because the horse racing is on, last time we went we stumbled into the fabric district and after much arm twisting this time we are going for an extra night so that I can go fabric shopping. I am already so ridiculously excited that I want to make sure I am go to get the most out of it. I have always longed for a capsule type wardrobe so I have used this as my basis and after research, I think that one of the main things I need to do is decide on my colour scheme.

Therefore I have created my mood board:

And these are the colours that I have selected to base the clothes around.

I have always loved purple so used this as my starting point, particularly because I have already brought some purple fabric to make myself a winter coat from.

My next task is to decide what clothes I would like to make, I am firstly going to focus on which type rather than individual patterns, because I know I will be led in the direction of dresses to the exclusion of all else, once I have picked type I will then look for my patterns.

If anyone has any helpful tips please feel free to let me know. I have never embarked on this type of project before as I have always made clothes when I fell in love with a fabric or pattern or needed something specific for a special occasion so all help will be gratefully received.

Finishing a dress for a Wedding – Vogue V8766

Slowly but surely over the last few days I have been working towards completing the dress that I will wear to my sister’s wedding on Saturday. This week I have had my niece staying with me which has led me to completing the dress whilst she is in bed, last night I finally managed to complete it:


This is it from the back:


As can be seen from the above photos there is a ribbon tied around the waist, I thought that I may also like another option so I looked at the trusty 101 Ways to Sew a Metre Book:


and found a patterns for an obi belt, which I made with the same material as the lining:


This is the dress with the obi belt on:


I made a few alterations to the dress from the pattern, firstly I added binding to the bottom of the sleeves to match the neck edge and secondly I made the dress shorter so that  I can wear it with my layered underskirt.

Fingers crossed all goes well on Saturday.

Repairing Ted

Every summer holiday my niece comes to spend a week with me. This time she has come for this week so that my sister (her mum) can help dress the marquee and make the cake for my other sister’s wedding which is on Saturday. Having niece to stay give me the opportunity to do many thing that I would not otherwise do, yesterday we went ice skating and today we are going to set the tent up in the living room and have a camp (obviously we had planned to do this in the regular way but the forecast is for storms this afternoon). Every time niece comes we also embark on some sort of craft project, last year we made a dress together for her. This time, the craft became pretty obvious as soon as I saw her ted:

She has had ted since she was one and he has gone pretty much everywhere with her, unfortunately her family dog also took quite a fancy to ted and bit a massive hole in his bum and pulled out all of the stuffing, in the process ted also lost a hand:

The first thing we did was look through my fabric stash so that she could choose some fabric to make a patch for his bum and a new hand from. She settled on this fabric:

I then asked her to trace around ted’s good hand so that we could make him a new one:

Once she had traced the hand I asked her to draw about .5cm around her tracing for the seam allowance and the she put a load of fresh stuffing into his body:

She cut out the paper pattern pieces and I then cut out the fabric:

She wanted ted’s hands to have the paw print centered on it. I then used my pinking shears around the square patch and hand sew it onto ted’s bum:

I then made up the paws by sewing them right sides together, clipping the seam allowance and then turning them the right way. She added a little stuffing and then I attached them to ted’s arm:

Niece then decided that she would like a tail added, so she selected the flannel fabric from the one yard swaddle blanket because it was nice and soft. She drew out the tail she wanted and then I sew it up in the same way as the paw. Here it is all attached:


Niece is happy that ted is all back to his former self, I think we can say it has been a successful crafting project for the two of us.

Bedroom Decoration

S is currently away and has been since the start of August, he will return the day before my sister’s wedding so I think I am probably almost as excited about the wedding as her.

Whilst he has been away I decided that I would take the opportunity to do a bit of decoration. I decided to do it whilst he was away because he works from home it would disrupt his working massively if it was done whilst he was here because the only place the bedroom furniture can be removed to is the office.

The bedroom was the standard magnolia that comes with all new build flats, we had previously had a handy man fit the picture rail. I started off by single handedly removing all of the furniture from the bedroom….this was probably the hardest part of the whole job.

I then painted the walls, doing three walls grey and the wall which the bed goes on lilac:

As you can see Little One got involved in the whole operation, she was generally fine but at some point she ended up with a grey tipped ear.

I then took the head board off the bed and covered it in the material that I was going to make the curtains in, this was done very simply with a staple gun:

I then made the curtains and moved everything back into the room:

The curtains are lined with blackout material as S finds the morning sun wakes him up very early in the summer.

The picture above the bed is something that I made using photoshop for S as part of his Christmas present, it documents Little One’s first year:

I am generally very pleased with the bedroom, the only things left to do are:

1) The curtain tape did not come with enough front facing rings so I have asked for more and when these arrive I can finish off the curtain and then screw the balls onto the end of the curtain rail.

2) I would like to cover a lampshade in the same fabric as the curtain and headboard to hang

3) Change the bed sheets to grey.

Dress for a Wedding – Vogue V8766

All the way back in May I cut out the main material for a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding. Considering that my sister is getting married on 25th August I thought that I best get a move on with the dress. I am using the Vogue V8766 pattern, dress F. Yesterday I firstly cut out the lining material and then started on the bodice. The first step was basting the lace to the lining fabric following the outline and darts. I then did the darts in the front and back of the pattern peices:


Next was attaching the front to the back pattern pieces:


And then doing the neck edging:

I then got around to making the arms:


I then started work on the skirt to the dress. Firstly attaching the back pieces together up to the mark for the zip and then attaching the front to the back pieces. This was repeated with the lining and then the lining and main fabric were basted together prior to attaching to the bodice:

I still have the zip to attach and the hemming to do. I think that I may make it a bit shorter because I would like to wear my layered underskirt with it. I am also considering adding banding to the arms to make them match the neck band. I am going away for the weekend now so I will need to work on it next week to get it finished for the Saturday…should be possible.